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Socialist and former Occupy activist Kshama Sawant has been elected to Seattle council. It’s a big issue for a Socialist to be elected in the States.

Miliband Accuses PM Of ‘Reaching A New Low’ over the Paul Flowers / Co-op issue. He’s only one man after all. The view from the bottom of the triange is that those at the peak are parasitic, don’t do much and have loads of advisors making reports and recommendations. Titular like. [later edit: I’m talking generally not specifically here.]

There are now seven inquiries into the Co-op. That’s OTT.

Ed Miliband was on Desert Island Discs today: Unchanged choices include “Take on Me” by A-Ha, which Mr Miliband admitted was “cheese”, as well as “Angels” by Robbie Williams which he dedicated to his wife, Justine.

Update: Far too many Inquiries into the Co-op

■ The Co-op commissioned the Kelly review of its financial woes in July and it is due to report in May 2014.

■ After the Flowers allegations emerged, the Co-op announced a separate “root and branch” probe of its governance.

■ The Treasury has ordered an independent inquiry into the Co-op Bank dating back at least to 2008.

■ The Prudential Regulatory Authority and Financial Conduct Authority, which took over the FSA’s powers this year, are each considering separate inquiries into the bank’s affairs.

■ The Treasury select committee is looking into Lloyds’s botched attempt to sell a batch of branches, which collapsed when the Co-op pulled out.

■ The police are investigating Flowers in connection with the supply of drugs and have bailed the 63-year-old.

■ The Financial Reporting Council accounting watchdog is examining the Co-op’s financial reports and could mount a formal probe.

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