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The Baldwin St nonsense

The nonsense when Daddy Bush was at Euston Rd

edit: I’m proud to have called him a shit then

actyally: I probably didn’t call him a shit. My chant was “Bush scum. Not welcome”. I am certain that he heard it. People coming to the hotel were visibly pissed-off.

ed: We were across a small side street while he was addressing people in a basement across the road. He and all the rich cnuts listening to him heard us.

G8 bicycle accident bollox

“pretty good speed”

77 G8 bollox


911 bollox

c mon

ed: there are photos of this event including a relly wierd nasty Met Pol klill em device. Met Pol have a heart attack nasty heart attack killing machine

ed: it was used on me ed: that day

ed: it’s a long van & looks like a long cylinder – 10 foot or so

04.20 more than 10 foot, 20 foot :::4:25 more than 10 foot, 15 foot

photos of the day

ed: the police on the day had us surrounded on Euston Rd. They moved back to give the device a clear hit because of Health and Safety concerns. They moved back for Health and Safety.

ed: The police moved back to give it a good hit. I was hit but was protected by my Pentogram!


:4.30 I am fairly certain the Baldwin St nonsense was for me. There were soldiers there instead of police.

soldiers pretending to be police

OK, about 5 years ago there were military helicopters flying over Bristol. Over Speedwell.

That area just north of Eastville Park.

Sorry, St. George’s Park.

Just north of St. George’s Park.

WTF. Military helicopters over Speedwell?

ed: I don’t lie

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