Climate Crisis :: Google sucking up to the rich and famous destroying the planet

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We need big influential companies like Google to stop sucking up to rich polluting, climate destroying cnuts and start behaving responsibly …

Google Camp 2019 contributed in no small way to destroying the planet inviting rich, planet-destroying cnuts to destroy the planet more to discuss the climate crisis …

They could have instead of inviting rich climate-destroying criminals to Sicily in their private jets and ridiculous ‘super-yachts’ simply spent their money giving away really slinky bikes to persuade youngsters away from driving cars(?)

Google could also support Greta Thunberg …

I suggest to Google that they don’t have any more of these climate-destroying events.

We also have to make clear to these rich climate-destroying criminals that private jets, super-yachts and space tourism is not tolerated.

[ed: Cities and ports have got to start refusing entry to superyachts]

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