Complaints needed for BBC about see too

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I’ve been trying to complain to BBC about see too.

I do actually regard it as an international insult … particularly concerning the nonsense we have in its place.

Many complaints please?

edit: I’m [edit: space] telling the replacement how crap they are

later edit: I’m finding it very difficult to complain to the BBC. It appears that the BBC have organised things so that it is ever so difficult to complain. This presents somewhat of a problem since I’ve asked for many complaints.

edit: Well this complaints procedure with the BBC is so fecking tedious and designed to make you commit suicide that I think that I will just complain to all MPs instead. Come to think of it, I think that I will try much more than that.

1.05am edit: Shall we just accept that they are state-broadcasting corporation paedophile promoting cnut[edit: s] (which they are)?

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