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NHS news summary: There appears to be a growing acceptance that Lansley’s bill will destroy the NHS and transform UK health care to the US model i.e. health care only for the rich. UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg claims that he will “front up” the issue with the Conservatives. I wonder what that means and why he had to be directed by his party before starting his front-upping. Many GPs intend to retire early to protect their pensions and more cuts.

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A few recent news articles concerning the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat coalition government – the ConDem’s – brutal attack on the National Health Service.

BBC News – NHS satisfaction ‘at record high’

Public satisfaction with the NHS has reached record levels, according to a leading health economist.

Writing on the BMJ website, Professor John Appleby said 64% of people were either very or quite satisfied with the NHS.

Critics have questioned why the government is reorganising the NHS when the public is happy with it.

Lansley’s health Bill set to ‘break up NHS’ / Britain / Home – Morning Star

Experts published research today detailing why the coalition’s controversial Health Bill means the end of the NHS.

The paper, by Professor Allyson Pollock and David Price of the Centre for Health Sciences at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, shows how Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s NHS assault will amount to the break-up of a universal, comprehensive, publicly accountable, tax-funded service that is free at the point of use.

The researchers say that the government is going against its duty to provide comprehensive care by abolishing the structures and mechanisms needed to do this.

BBC News – Petition to stop Southampton heart unit closing

A mother from Jersey has launched a petition against the closure of the children’s heart unit at Southampton Hospital.

Children from the Channel Islands use it for specialist heart treatment.

The NHS could close it under plans to improve treatment by providing fewer and more specialised services.

Nick Clegg set to rein in NHS reforms | Politics | The Guardian

Nick Clegg told a meeting of his MPs in Westminster on Tuesday that he would now be “taking the lead” within government to rein in its programme of reform for the NHS.

The Liberal Democrat leader said he was determined to ensure changes were made to the health and social care bill, the clearest sign that he will personally negotiate with the health secretary, Andrew Lansley. A senior party source said that the Lib Dem leader had decided to “front up” the issue with the Conservatives.

Lansley’s reforms to the NHS – handing over a majority of the healthcare budget to GPs for commissioning, and scrapping primary care trusts – have been opposed by some Conservative MPs and the British Medical Association, and 10 days ago Lib Dems voted at their spring party conference to ensure modifications were made to the bill. Then it was suggested that even though the Lib Dems had registered their discontent, there was little their leader would be able to do within government.

One in three GPs threaten to quit before pensions change | Mail Online

One in three GPs is considering early retirement to avoid changes to their gold-plated NHS pension scheme, a poll has found.

Ministers want to increase family doctors’ retirement age from 60 to 65 – and eventually to 68 – in line with their patients.

But thousands of GPs are threatening to cut their losses and take early retirement before the changes come in, according to the survey.

BBC News – Lincolnshire mental health service cuts jobs

An NHS trust which provides mental health services in Lincolnshire has said it is looking to cut 15% of its staff to save £13m over three years.

The Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust said the move, which equates to about 300 posts, had been forced on it by tight limits on government funding.

Bosses said they were planning to save £750,000 in management costs alone.

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