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Conservative election poster 2010

An article about big protests in September against the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat coalition government – the ConDem’s – brutal attack on the National Health Service.

Campaigners to step up protests over ‘doomsday’ NHS reforms – newsarticle-content – Pulse

Campaign groups are organising protests around the country to coincide with the final reading of the health bill in the House of Commons – including holding a fake funeral for the NHS.

The Health and Social Care Bill is scheduled be debated in Parliament for the first time since the revisions made from the Government’s ‘listening exercise’. It will have its third reading in the House of Commons in early September and, if passed, will then be debated in the House of Lords.

One group in Sheffield will be building an air raid shelter in a bank to go with the theme of ‘NHS Doomsday’ and balloons will be released in Norfolk to satirise the Government’s claim the reforms will ‘liberate’ the NHS.

In Bournemouth a Victorian fancy dress funeral will be held in a bid to lay the NHS to rest – a vicar will even be on hand to offer pastoral support.

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