PayPal piss me off a lot

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Well, just mentioning it :0

Do they piss you off a lot?

edit: 2.40am BST

They piss me off for charging so much for interfering, monopolising and being so intransigent. WTF do they think they are charging taxes on im[p]orts within EU? Isn’t that totally out of order? If you’ve used PayPal a few times I have no doubt that it’s been very nasty to you.

edit: 2.45am BST

Come to think of it PayPal are such ‘stards because they hold a monopoly position that should not be permitted under current laws. I wonder how they manage that .

edit: 3.00am BST

A big issue with PayPal is that they just take a huge cut and are not contactable. If they were providing any sort of service that justified that sort of cut then they would be contactable.

edit: 3.05am BST

I suppose I could rephrase that by saying that they are charging a huge amount for a service that they are simply not providing because it is intentionally so difficult to contact them.

edit: 3.50am BST

PayPal You piss me off so much. I fill out a huge complaint form and you insult me refusing to accept it and querying if I’m sure I know my name. FO EbyCnt I’ve known my name all my life. CntPay, are you certain of your name?  PayCnt you are so insulting shits that you deserve to be cursed

… and you are

4am BST

I suggest that any investigation needs to investigate how PayPal actively avoids complain[t]s or any interactions with the people it is taking money from. Paypal is taking a huge percentage of all transactions while making it hugely difficult for any of the people it is extorting money from to contact PayPal with any issues.

4.10 PayPal’s business model is impose a huge tariffs while making it so difficult for any consumers that these tariffs are imposed on to be able to even contact them. This business model certainly meets the common acceptance and experience of extortion.

4.31 It seems strange to suggest the acceptance of extortion but that is common experience and similarly the experience of PayPal. It is a submission to having no other option. People who are not destitute are similarly forced to engage with a financial partner – PayPal – who they would otherwise wish with good reason to avoid.

Later edit: On a different topic, I want to say that I feel that I have perhaps been neglecting my blog somewhat. There is the other perspective, of course – that I didn’t have anything to say.

I’ve not felt that I have anything useful to say for months. Then there are some of you that want to know everything. Love you XXX



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