Shall we talk about what’s obvious and accepted?

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At least it’s accepted in certain quarters{!} that I have demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt…

The context is an insane PM in charge of a Fascist regime – isn’t that what it is when there’s a dictatorial leader that cannot countenance any dissent and the police are inseparable from the government? Isn’t that what it is when the big, fat [4/10/15 edit: , totally ridiculous twat of a} policeman is a political appointee and so keen to kill people who oppose the glorious leader? [4/10/15 That absolute New Labour arse was promoted by Blunkett on a pretext]. Well c’mon there are lessons from history here. You have an authoritarian leader and any effective dissent must be crushed with that Fascist boot.

Was it not so in 2005? The glorious war leader was not so glorious. Wasn’t he actually unglorious? Didn’t they need that Fascist deed … that history tells us that they go for?

ed: There is a key

[4/10/15 and isn’t that key so obvious? Weren’t so many people aware then? There are contemporary accounts. Things like – paraphrased – you are such an absolute useless New Labour Fascist ****. ] You won’t get it all, but there’s enough in the public domain. He was on a nasty mission of persecuting a particular political activist for being an effective political activist attacking the un/glorious leader.]

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