Regarding Trump

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Let's address a few issues about Resident Donald Trump.

The US Congress building was besieged and invaded by intimidating Trump supporters yesterday to disrupt the certification of Biden as the next US president.

The rioting mob was directly incited and encouraged by Trump and Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani called for "trial by combat" which I understand is what knights in armour in medieval times got up to so he's certainly somewhat divorced from reality.

I have some difficulty blaming the rampaging mob actually. The problem is that they have been wound up by Trump, Giuliani & Co for months on end. The deluded rampaging mob probably truly believed that they were defending democracy while those truly responsible will likely avoid being held to account due to their privileged positions.

What of Trump himself? While he quite possible believes that he is a very stable genius he is in reality a very maladjusted megalomaniacal and narcissistic fekking moron. You have to be extremely fekking moronic to fail to understand that he lost the election fair and square, that he's a luser sacked by the US electorate. His latest tantrum may be about him losing attention.

We've leaned that he's a racist misogynist and Fascist. A Fascist evidenced by his disregard for democracy and the rule of law and his authoritarianism. We've seen this in his actions abroad before his latest spree in the US.
We also know that he was associated with Jeffrey Epstein, wished Epstein's accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell well, promised his 17-year-old daughter that he would not date anyone younger than her - although we also know that he's a prolific liar or otherwise a total stranger to the truth - and that he would inspect semi-naked teenagers in beauty pageant changing-rooms. 

Oh, and a tax evader. I'm sure that I've missed more.

Trump is such a moron that he's shat on the very people he's going to depend on. Such people might take more of an interest in his affairs, security may be less inclined to provide a fully attentive service after he endangered capitol police, he may have alienated himself from many circles


Trump lies “I’ll be there with you.”

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