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It’s spun that Devoid Cameron, UK Prime Minister proposes – at the gate (and spun much before too (hu knows what goes on at the gate?)) is pursuing tax evaders and tax avoiders. Sorry DC, I have been very restrained (I think that I even like you after what I’m used to). [edit: I have so far been restrained. I’m uncertain how much longer I will be restrained – it is politics after all and it is said that all’s fair in love and politics – and I will be very involved then.}

The trouble is – of course – is that [edit: you} represent the tax [edit: avoiding] evading and tax evading filthy rich scum – and I stress that I consider that you represent them. Take for example Philip Green. Didn’t you give the tax evading shit a job in your cabinet? OK I can’t check it now, it’s late. My question is how can you now be promoting the idea that tax evasion is so bad when you have [edit: had] such close associations with such accomplished tax evaders in the past?

edit: 18 June 2013 00:32 am It really pissed me off that the last lot and all the shits that they represented and actually who they were repeater[edit: d not r]  a[n]d shitness [sorry, that was inteded as a latin ad ;)] that they didn’t have any warning from me … what cnuts they were

01.00 am Anyway DC The trouble is that I [am] opposed to your policies and your actions and also to your boy Clegg. I can assure you that I have no intention of action other than what is regarded as within the democratic process. No doubt you will be aware that I campaigned against your predecessor Tony Bliar. I am very concerned that I am regarded as a  suspected terrorist by UK legal authorities through my totally democratic actions.

later clarification: I am very concerned that I am regarded as a suspected or potential terrorist by UK legal authorities. I am a political activist. A political activist is not a terrorist UNLESS THIS IS A FASCIST STATE.

01.20 It doesn’t matter that I USE CAPITAL LETTERS. The issue is that I am regarded and harassed by police as a suspected terrorist. It follows that I can be subjected to over the top state extermination. Isn’t that one point that needs to be recognised here? That the state sat that’s a suspected terrorist and kill them without any recourse?

Isn’t that Gibraltar and the MURDER of Jean Charles de Menezes?  I am the media as much as the corporate media. The difference is that I care for others and justice.

01:30 am Well the point is that I am a political activist and I have been a politicalactivist for many years. While I have reported events in many ways far better than normal channels I don’t think that makes me a reporter. That’s because a reporter is amployed and gets paid to report things …

Anyway, I have been a political activist and it appears that I am on my own with very little support. I know that I am regarded bu UK authorities – or at least I was until very recently – as a potential terrorist. I do think that people should support me in this respect because they can also be labelled – I don’t know the appropriate phrase you journalists and politician would use here. The police have got me and are behaving towards me as a suspected terrorist. I know this through their behaviour. You will be aware that UK cops kill suspected terrorists with far too many bullets according to a certian patternm.

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