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Questioning of spy agency chiefs ‘wouldn’t have scared a puppy’

UK intelligence chiefs get off scot-free from TV grilling on NSA leaks

They didn’t even bother to prepare for it …

“We don’t spy on  the majority of people” – Just half of them then? 49%?


Britain’s security services defend – rather than undermine – freedom and democracy, the head of MI5 has said. Well, fancy that.


I’m  firmly of the opinion that there are very few terrorists and that people such as these grossly overexaggerate for their political masters and to keep getting very well paid thank you. I know that it’s bullshit because I am one of many victims of their bullshit.

Some others may believe it but at this level they know fully well what’s going down – they are the heads of UK intelligence agencies after all – they are in charge of thousands upon thousands of spies and tap into transatlantic cables, snoop on mobile phones, bug Angela Merkel’s phone, etc. They know very well and go along with it, play their part in that bullshit.


They’d walk out. Oh, FO.

The absolute rubbish they come out with …

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