Draft ~ notes ~ for input: Now that we realise how it works, we need to change the world in our image

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A thesis: Corporate politicians, media and the arms industry is there to serve the 1% that owns them.

Antithesis: You can come up with this. Honestly, I was never that taken by Marx. Some post-Marxists were pretty good.

Anyway: What we’ve got to do is take power from rich b’stards, get away from this absolute terrrism nonsense that they’re doing – to control people through FEAR – and decide what sort of societies and World that we want. Then we’ve got to do it.

For a start, I suggest that we don’t tolerate rich people.


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Homegrown secret gardenism

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Doesn’t homegrown have a previous meaning?

If you call something ‘homegrown’, doesn’t it already have a meaning – doesn’t homegrown already mean something?

Why is it called homegrown? Homegrown means homegrown.

It had a meaning. It meant homegrown.

It meant grown in your home, get it?

It referred to cannabis grown at home. That’s what it means – or meant.

So if you called somone a homegrown terrorist, does that mean that they are someone called a terrrist that grows Cannabis at their home?

called a terrrist & has a not so secret garden?

Why else call them homegrown? That’s what it means.

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Exclusive about Cameron, Jobcentres & Employment Policy

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Still waiting. You heard it here first.

Prime Minister David Cameron is to announce that:

  • Jobcentres are to transition to a role closer to that of employment agencies.
  • A commitment to reduce unemployment to a period of two weeks.
  • Subsidised placements at full pay for three months for the mature unemployed.

Prime Minister David Cameron said

“We can’t afford to have people unemployed. This initiative is for people in their thirties, forties and fifties. We recognise that these people have considerable skills and experience that is important for our economy and we want to get them back working. I am today announcing a new initiative to get them back into productive employment.”

“We recognise that these people have an important role to play in ensuring that the United Kingdom is a competitive economy. The idea is that Jobcentres will place these people as soon as possible – ideally within two weeks – into a similar work environment. We don’t want people to be unemployed and I am pleased to announce this fundamental change in policy.”

Prime Minister Cameron stressed that that the government was committed to address the issue of the young unemployed – so called NEETs – although this program was addressed at more mature jobseekers.


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