Political betting tips

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Gambling is dangerous: you can lose your stake so don’t blame me. Please consider donating a little to the boat fund if you make loadsa money. You have to be 18 in UK to gamble.

Euro Elections a week today. My favourite at the moment is Conservative-Labour-UKIP at 20/1. Most votes Conservative if you can get good odds. Nil Lib-Dem seats at 7/2 is good. Avoid the Rufus Hound special – there’s no chance since he’s number 5 on the list.

Political betting

22/7 Election day. I’ve just made a covering bet on Labour-Conservative-UKIP at 20/1. I honestly can’t see UKIP doing as well as people expect. Like I said, don’t blame me.

There are now very good odds – currently 33/1 – on Conservative-Labour-UKIP.

23/5/13 What’ll appen?

24/5/14 Possibly jumping the gun


26/5/14 … let that be a lesson to me

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Can you buy me a nice yacht please Cameron or Clegg?

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C’mon, it makes sense – buy me a yacht for 40 or 50 grand and I’ll fuck off for a couple of years.

That’s nothing to you – you’re rich born into millions you [ed: you f******gly] rich b*stards.

ed: The offer is there. Buy me a nice yacht and I’ll FO for a couple of yers ;}

Shall we go yauchting? It shouldn’t be only rich scum …

They need to be used  …

Don’t they?

Shame that they are not used …




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What about this New World Order?

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A New World Order

We’ve always known that it was shit. That it was always US controlling the world.

We’ve got to co-operate, Fuck USUK.

We’ve got to got away from this USUK terrorism bullshit.

Let’s leave them behind. Let’s abandon them.

We need a New World Order.

We Need to abandon that shit.

C’mon. Do it.

C’mon, it’s very easy – you just say FO out of my country

You say USUK elsewhere

because – of course – if you have USUK ???

You have a country?

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A quick clarification or correction

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May be a bit dizzying …

About paranoid complexes: You’re not paranoid && you don’t have a paranoid complex if everyone is really out to get you. It can never be true that everyone is out to get you – as in the case of a proper paranoid – but there can be real organised conspiracies && that’s probably enough.

Inferiority complex: You don’t have a complex if everyone really does treat you as inferior.

You see a pattern there? (It’s about yourself i.e. complex reality subjextively experienced or interpreted && the perspectives of others). It follows that it certainly can be a  rational appraisal of situations and circumstances.

I really don’t think that I have a MC because I realise that it is others’ perspectives i.e. not my own (think of LifeoB;). It’s another thing to conduct ethnographic research.

I think that it may be best to ask Tonee about it since he obviously has real experience.

of MC

ed: Oh C’mon

shall we not demean ourselves

that there are gods walking amoung us?

ed: Actually it may have been

shall be demean ourselves? that there are gods wal[k]ing amoung us?

or something similar


I think that you should get the message

later ed: Shall we demean ourselves, that there are gods walking amoung us?

I said this [that] a decade or so ago

later: I’ve done loads of bets on the European Elections. Hoping to do a ‘Danny Boy’.

7/2, 16/1, 20/1

Then we’re sailing

Going to Bermuda


15/5/14 To make absolutely clear to the crap journalist: it’s the perception of others.

&& also to the crap journalist: I am a much better journalist than you’ll ever be && I did it for free

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