Articles on the Blairite attempted coup against Corbyn and the left

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A few articles on the continuing Blairite attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party by Labour Party MPs. They do seem in an awful rush to depose Corbyn … almost as though a clock is ticking. Craig Murray has excellent analyses yet again.

It’s Still the Iraq War, Stupid.

No rational person could blame Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit. So why are the Blairites moving against Corbyn now, with such precipitate haste?

The answer is the Chilcot Report. It is only a fortnight away, and though its form will be concealed by thick layers of establishment whitewash, the basic contours of Blair’s lies will still be visible beneath. …

[Oops, I forgot this one

How the News Agenda is Set

David Cameron gets heckled every day of his life. The media never bother to report the names of the hecklers or the gist of what they say.

Yet a single heckler shouts at Jeremy Corbyn at Gay Pride, and not only is that front page news in the Guardian, it is on BBC, ITN and Sky News.

What makes a single individual heckling a politician newsworthy? There are dozens such examples every single day that are not newsworthy.

The answer is simple. Normally the hecklers are promoting an anti-establishment view, so it does not get reported. Whereas this heckler was promoting the number one priority of the establishment and mainstream media, to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. So this heckler, uniquely, is front page news and his words are repeated at great length in the Guardian and throughout the broadcast media.

Another Media Setup?

This picture has been all over twitter, promoted by every high level Blairite you can think of, from JK Rowling down. Yet all may not be what it seems. …

Back to the Future

The priority now of the political “elite” is to ensure voters never again get the chance to make a choice the political class do not want. Jeremy Corbyn is the thing the political class want least.

Do you remember when 184 Labour MPs refused to vote against the Tory benefit cuts that ruined lives and caused suicides? They did so on the grounds that their focus groups showed the public wanted benefit cuts, and so it would be wrong to oppose the Tory Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

Well, I can promise you that the 172 Labour MPs who voted to no-confidence Corbyn are exactly the same people who would not oppose welfare cuts. The net effect of the Corbyn year has been that 12 Labour MPs have decided that they have a purpose in politics which is not just personal gain. The vast majority would vote to push the unemployed off a cliff if they thought it would get them career advancement. Or adapt the John Mann anti-immigrant agenda.

Make no mistake. If Corbyn is deposed, the people of England and Wales will be back to having a choice between two colours of Tory. Labour will go full on anti welfare, anti immigrant and pro-nuclear weapon. Because Jon Cruddas will tell them that is what will get them elected.

Labour crisis: Alan Sugar and Alastair Campbell lead anti-Corbyn campaign

Former Number 10 communications chief claims a ‘sect has taken control’ of the Labour Party.

Lord Alan Sugar and Alastair Campbell are two of the best-known names backing an online campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. The former Number 10 communications chief and the ex-Labour peer are urging hundreds of thousands of their followers on social media site Twitter to sign a ‘Saving Labour’ petition.

dizzy: LOL that’s classic isn’t it? Blair’s master of lies and the UK’s version of Donald Trump accuse the left of hijacking the Labour party!


Ken Livingstone urges Jeremy Corbyn to allow party members to deselect dissenting MPs

Ken Livingstone has urged Jeremy Corbyn to allow party members and activists to deselect dissenting MPs in the wake of a bruising no confidence vote that has destabilised the party’s leadership.

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Jeremy Corbyn has my support

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Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Corbynistas have my support.

Labour members and supporters want a Socialist leader pursuing a Socialist, anti-austerity agenda opposing Neo-Liberalism. Many Labour MPs apparently do not. [29/6/16 It appears that those who oppose Corbyn are Neo-Conservatives.]

background: Labour MPs have overwhelmingly voted that they have no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The vote has no constitutional legitimacy. Jeremy Corbyn has huge support from Labour party members having been elected by an overwhelming majority and having attracted many new members to the Labour party.

ed: I wonder if it’s related to the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry on 6 July, 2016.

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Farage, Boris and associated shites

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The exit campaign attributed all everything nasty to Europe. Everything nasty is due to Europe. That’s what they said. They also said that Europe was taking £350 thousand [29/6/16 millions] pounds a week that should be spent on the NHS. It was on their bus.

The lying anti-EU bus promoting money for the NHS when all the anti-EU shites are anti-NHS Neo-Liberal shites.
The lying anti-EU bus promoting money for the NHS when all the anti-EU shites are anti-NHS Neo-Liberal shites.

The anti-EU campaigners really did promote everything that you’re pissed off with is the fault of Europe. Many people who voted leave expect EVERYTHING to be returned to some mythical wonderfulness. We want our country back, the outers slogan is taken from the EDL.

The out campaigners used every dirty trick. They presented themselves as opposed to austerity and the wealthy elite and for example – opposed to attacking the NHS – when they are exactly the wealthy elite cnuts who do auterity and who attack the NHS.

ed: UKIP’s Farage and Conservative buffoon Boris are totally opposed to a national health service. Farage and Boris are wealthy, elite C’NUTS who are really into austerity. Boris is a total twat who likes big, expensive toys. Don’t you realise he’s just a rich twat who should just carry on being a rich twat and not bother us with politics? He’s rich enough. Just stay out of it, eh?

ed: Boris, can’t you just find something else to do? Something that suits your level of intellect? Watching paint dry? Watching the tide? Watching flowers grow? Smashing up restaurants – that’s restaurants beneath your social standing of cousre?

Fly fishing? I’m sure that you’d be good at that. It doesn’t matter that you’re crap at that. You can catch a really big one, nobody will know that you’re totally crap at everything.

I’m sorry (except that I’m not). Boris you’re a total twat. Please understand that you are useless at everything. You useless cnut.

OK so you got people to vote to leave EU. Shall I call you a total fake then? You won’t understand because you’re taught at private (public) school that it does shine from your arse. But actually it doesn’t.

Because, actually you’re just an upper-class, privileged twat who has no idea.

ed: I want to make clear that:

The exit_EUers blamed everything on Europe. That was how it was presented. A lot of people who bought that BS/crap will be disappointed in years to come.

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Back in 2003

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Blair and Campbell news was trashed.

The news channels were told to do war shit

and they had nothing to do …

We had TV news twiddling thumbs because it was crap … and exposed as crap

They had no news … because their news was exposed as crap

They were provided with war shit news … but then it was exposed as crap

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Land and Freedom (no not like that)

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I’ve just rewatched Land and Freedom by Ken Loach. It’s awfully good and a reminder that the real battle is the battle against Fascism.

It is a profound personal disappointment for me that while I was fighting Fascism in the form of Blair and Dubya that I was compromised – unknown to me at that time – by being privileged.

It was a contemporary form of Fascism with a nasty manipulative B’Stard aminstration manipulating and profiteering from entrenched, cultural ignorance (traditional Labour voting). It was Fascism wherby the icon was adored and exalted as some diety. It was a contemporary form of Fascism wherby a whole section of the population – of our society – is alienated, estranged and scapegoated as terrorists to enrich and empower a tiny proportion of the population that benefits from it.

I am aware that a large part of the State was out to get me personally because of my opposition to the second Bush war on Iraq and my later opposition to Blair and later his butler. A prominent policeman should never be allowed in any democratic society to pursue such a partisan and bastardly persecution.

And now they are Lords.

It was a Fascist regime and I am proud to have played my part in opposing and defeating it. But yet the Fascists persist are still about. The blind cnut is still a blind Fascist cnut, Reid is still a Fascist cnut, Straw and Blairs …

[15/06/16 Re: About Blair’s administration being Fascist.

It’s about being instrumental in a huge Imperialist campaign, supporting torture and extraordinary rendition, engaging in and maintaining power through repeated and mass deceptions, a senior policeman being so wilfully and blatantly pursuing a political agenda, etc. ]

ed: Hopefully they will blindly fall in front of a train or otherwise commit suicide with the hardly believable many shots to the head that we have become accustomed to. Please make the butler’s a particularly amusing one. And I’ll expect my swordfish. ed: in the eye .  ed: in the I . Ii .


ed: It’s a short life … and I’m really hoping to get a boat and go sailing soon.

ed: ed: I’ve been frustrated finding my yacht. What I’m after is a classic GRP boat that sails well 26 to 32 foot with an inboard diesel and good sails for not too much money. A bit of classic woodwork inside would be good but whatever.

I viewed one yesterday that was very almost there but would need better sails, a chartplotter and tillerpilot to sail solo.

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