THE STATE WE’RE IN :: Statement 1

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A short series of statements that recognises the current urgency and absolute primacy of the climate crisis. May be revised or corrected. Undecided how this series will go. Away njoio over the weekend (no not Glastonbury).

Let’s get this clear from the outset: I represent nobody except myself. Despite supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s UK Labour party I have never been a member of the Labour party. I may have briefly been a member of SERA (Socialist, Environment and Resources Association) approximately 40 years ago while I was an active anti-nuclear activist. SERA was and continues to be closely associated with the Labour party.

I have been publishing inconsistently on the internet since 1998 or 1999 and I am certainly amoung the earliest bloggers. I have a portfolio of posts and articles that establishes me a competent and accomplished blogger, journalist or political activist – whatever I am. I warned of climate crisis online – from memory – in 1999.

Politicians encounter problems addressing the climate crisis because of 1. the short-termism inherent in contemporary politics and 2. the huge influence of climate crisis deniers on them.

  1. Politicians are typically elected for terms of four or five years. They are concerned with one or at most two terms only by which time they will have lost power to the opposition.
  2. Climate crisis deniers exert huge influence over politicians. For example, the Murdoch media empire promotes climate change denial. Rupert Murdoch has historically exerted huge influence on successive UK prime ministers, certainly since Blair. “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.” Dodgy Brexit financer Aaron Banks said “Global climate change represents the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich ever via inflated energy costs“. The UK’s next prime minister will probably be a no-dealer tied to transatlantic climate science denial network.

I have difficulties comprehending climate change deniers. Perhaps I understand it in the ignoramus US resident Donald Trump.

Climate crisis activist protocol says stay positive, promote the notion that climate crisis can be averted. I am breaking with that protocol. I believe that the tipping point has been passed, that climate change has now acquired it’s own frightening dynamic. Apologies for saying this to those of you who have children.

10/7/19 There’s an issue with normally intelligent people having minds closed to the state we’re in. I’m talking in terms of the world having been destroyed, having passed tipping points that develop their own frightening dynamic. Their minds are closed and they cannot contemplate the state we’re in.

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Greenpeace tax and preview of the ideal Slinky … bike

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Dear Greenpeace,

Thank you for your email. While I am very supportive of your direct action and watch your activities online e.g. BP rig makes u-turn amid Greenpeace protest there is actually somehow an error. I didn’t have a direct debit with you and my name is Rhys not Ryys.

I don’t know what’s happened but I’m going to take this opportunity to ask the readers of my blog to support you and your direct action

I had a bicycle stolen from me very recently. It was nothing special – a cheapish rigid-framed aluminium bike fitted with cheap semi-slick road tyres. I’ve got one or two other bikes – three [8.45pm two now] actually, all second hand – but that was my favourite and I was intending to pass the others on.

I’ve been designing the ideal ‘Slinky …’ bike to replace it and was intending to tax users of the design with a donation to yourselves. Here’s a preview of the spec. This is an early draft and I’ve been considering different sized wheels, etc. 

If any of my loaded readers are so inclined, I can only accept an anonymously donated bike e.g. I can’t accept if I see your details on the delivery note.

… I want a donation of at least £10 to Greenpeace for each one built to this design for yourself. Don’t forget the Slinky …

I like rigid mountain bikes with slick or semi-slick tyres. 

Decent quality so that it will take many years of reqular use, 70 miles per week

Aluminium frame or better

Cartridge bottom bracket

Medium size
I like a fairly upright riding position, swept back cruiser or bullhorn style bars 25cm rise

Target weight 9kg or less if possible. No heavier than 12kg.
24 gear derailleur. Need a low first for the hills while the bike is loaded, clunk on the highest cog

175mm or 180mm crank options

Black metal cage pedals SYMMETRICAL!

26″ sealed bearing double-walled wheels. Wheels may need to be rebuilt to accept wider, higher pressure tyres

Rim brakes, quality cantilever fitted with replacable pad cartridges – do not need pad position adjustment once set properly

Tapered roller bearing with adjustment like motorcycle swinging arms for head bearings. Uncertain that this is necessary and may be overkill introducing unnecessary weight. Sealed bearings? Push-fit sealed bearings won’t have any adjustment – so what? – but will be durable

Slick or semi-slick tyres 26 x 2.10 with puncture protection. Tyres to accept at least 90/110 PSI. At least 65 psi spec if not possible and will run 65/70.

Twist grip gear change is acceptable
Stubby wide mudguards in black gloss or matt

The squareish black alloy low-riders front and rear if possible. Otherwise sturdy black alloy rack at rear.

Midnight blue with

Slinky … 
in small but noticable pink handwriting style both sides front of top tube. No other branding

Legally required deflectors ,[8.50pm reflectors, deflectors would be great] to be satisfied using discrete adhesive stickers

Long rectangular lights mounted horizontally front and rear ratio ge5:1

I wouldn’t be surprised that I’ve started a meme now with everyone greeting each other “Slinky” on my local cycle track ;) I hope someone calls me Slinky.

Anyway, best wishes and I hope that I have taxed some of my readers for you.



5/2/21 Hyde race 54cm new or used (ed: or a URB 8.8 or 8.9 M) would be very welcome. Anonymous please.

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State of the nation

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I cannot stress enough how important the climate crisis is. It’s not a matter of reducing climate damage. Instead it has to be reversed.

UK politicians need to act responsibly. We need a general election so that a responsible government can be elected. We need a government that leads the World, shows the way on the Climate Emergency.

Brexit is bollocks. We need stability and continuity to address the climate emergency.

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Coming soon and more

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Coming soon, hopefully in the next few days a state of the nation sort of post.

Confessions of drug-taking from Conservative and prime ministerial candidates seems to have stopped. No “I have to take a small mountain of coke before I can clean my teeth” or “I’ve not slept since 1997” confessions. The trouble is – of course – is that they could all be off their tits on coke.

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