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I’d like to know about the legal order that is applied to me. Super-injunction, hyper-injunction, DA-notice? WTF is it?

It appears that there is a fantastically restrictive legal order in place e.g restricting divulging my name. How on Earth can such a restrictive order be made without consulting or informing me? I object and should be given the opportunity to challenge it formally.

Super-injunctions are usually about keeping celebrities or rich businesmen’s extra-marital affairs secret. The point about super-injunctions is that the very existence of the injunction itself can’t be reported. It is therefore very difficult to find out anything about them.

I am keen to breach this injunction which I’ve never been advised of. Please send me the legal notice telling me not to.

It seems that this or similar legal orders have been in force for some considerable time. Decades ago I learned that ordinary PNC requests resulted in a visit from MI5 – which explains why very extreme measures were taken to identify me. Journalists would avoid me while campaigning in 2002/3.

There seem to be consequences so that I cannot plead not guilty at criminal trials. It follows that if I cannot have a fair hearing, then I should not be arrested.

There were efforts to detain me – I am not saying arrest since no rights would be afforded to me – on 6 July 2005. What effects would the order have on that?

12/4/19 It wasn’t me that hid this post. I wonder if it will stay up over the weekend …

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