Memo to Davros

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You are the representatives of Capitalist scum. We hold you responsible for climate change. Can we do anything other than stop you Capitalist bastards from destroying our planet?

slightly later: Enough of the privilleged, inherited useless class of parasites. Fuck you rich inherited shits

We can’t afford these useless polluting shits any more

I’m telling you there is a new world order and you’re not part of it. You are rightly recognised as the problem

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Did we have an unnoticed revo?

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Some of you may remember that I used to call at times for a revo. I’m wondering whether a great deal has been achieved, that ther may have ben an unnoticed, silent revo so that everything has actually changed. The flaw in this analysis is current Brexit nonsense. Is that simply the Tories tearing themselves apart?

What I’m suggesting is that five or ten years ago it was inconceivable that we would have a Socialist government. Back then the choice was Tory or Tory not blatently stated.

The concept of extemism in politics is applied to people, parties or polices that are on the margins or beyond the contemporary political spectrum. Environmentalists and nationalist parties i.e. Plaid Cymru, the Scottish Nationalist Party, Meibion Kernyw and Sinn Fein were regarded as extremists and yet are now regarded as legitimite.

Then there are abusive relationships. The point about abusuive relaionships is that the partner that has most need of the relationship is abused.

2.20 Intending to write more. I’m trying to be far more efficient, trying to make sure that my efforts will be productive.

Moving on to Brexit nonsense, it should be recognised that Theresa May’s minority government (is that correct?) is the seriously abused parter with the DUP. It is widely regarded that DUP wants a hard Brexit and when it is analysed logically that conclusion is not remote.

2.08 minor spelling and grammar corrections

Is it just me or is everone frustrated by these total incompetents?


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Rooted rather obviously

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My smartphone has been rooted rather obviously. Ring volume was turned off and didn’t want to be altered. Different statup sequence with options to enter bios and microcode on restart.

A friend’s Debian laptop had the root password changed. Her phone answering device also reporting wrong details of calls e.g. external, international.

The obviousness and lack of finesse involved is striking and I’m unused to it. Undecided whether it’s incompetence or deliberately over the top to be noticed. It’s strange that it’s such a brash approach.

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I’ve been visualising the contemporary UK political spectrum as a Wimpy Bender. A doughnut would have done but misses the greasy knarlyness of it all. That greasy, rough knurled-ringness. I’ve got a hard plastic knurled knob like that on my bike trailer. Douhnuts are close to an archetyple ideal circle, smoth and sugar-coated so it’s not that.

Back the Bender. So you visualize the Bender, a greasy vertically-ling-fried serrated ring of

[6/1 What I ment to recount was

It’s a circular sausage – a ring of sausage ****-fried after being deeply-serrated on it’s outside circumfrrance.

So you visualize the nasty cicular ****-fried sausage –

The political aspect is [that] bender is flat in front of you. Think of a doughnut if you have to. At the front is the centre of UK politics, nothing to see there really. 90 degrees to the left is Corbyn’s Labour party. 90 degrees to the right is Theresa May’s Conservative party ofter referred to as the Tory party or the Tories.

At the back of the bender or doughnut you have the hard no-deal brexiteers who want radical libertarian deregulation meeting the radical libertarians from a left perspective.

[2.37am To clarify, I am suggesting that radical libertarians are radical libertarians.




I should post more often


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