Swinney considers U turn on new oil and gas licences

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I’ve been expecting the SNP to abandon their green commitments and here it is … SNP’s Swinney describing fossil fuels as sustainable and calling for abandoning the transition to help the transition from fossil fuels. That pretty impressive twisted thinking Swinney.


First Minister John Swinney is considering dropping Nicola Sturgeon’s opposition to new oil and gas licences (Image: PA)

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Swinney said: “I want the Scottish Government to work closely and carefully with the oil and gas sector to ensure its sustainability.

“We need the oil and gas sector to contribute to the transition to net zero, so it has to be strong enough and robust enough to do that.

“In addition to that, I want to make sure that the sector is able to contribute to the objectives of energy security that we’ve set out in our policy programme.


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