Police considering criminal charges against Boris Johnson

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Investigation into Boris Johnson and Jennifer Arcuri paused for police watchdog probe

Ms Arcuri is at the centre of allegations that Mr Johnson showed favouritism to help her get hold of £126,000 in public funding and privileged access to three foreign trade missions while he was mayor of London.

[D]espite Downing St’s objections, the IOPC confirmed it was gathering evidence and had asked for precedence in any investigations to avoid the risk of contaminating evidence or prejudicing potential future cases.

A spokesman said: “We are currently acquiring material as part of our assessment to determine whether it is necessary for this matter to be criminally investigated.

“We have asked the committee to give precedence to our enquiries given we are assessing possible criminality.”

Lock him up! Lock him up!

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It was published on the Bristol Indymedia site hours before it was disabled by British Transport Police.

It was a gematria analysis of the name Jean Charles de Menezes (de Menezes) is the surname.

[Minutes later addition: The analysis showed that JCdM was intentionally (and oviously selected to be) murdered actually to provide directions.

[2.34 Killing JCdM gave my location

2.48 That’s what it did. That’s why he was murdered.

3.10 Immediately after JCdM’s murder MetPol were making remarks that were directed at me e.g wearing a jacket that was too warm for the weather & jumping over barriers. Later Ian Blair did the “Houston we have a problem.”. This is a reference to surveillance at my home. I will disclose the toy that said “Houston we have a problem”.

3.28 Ian Blair was a total cnut

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The Conservative are responsible for Brexit nonsense over the past three and a half years and this general election

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UK’s Conservative party are solely responsible for Britain’s Brexit debacle over the past three and a half years. The Conservatives brought the referendum vote, Boris Johnson shamelessly lied in the referendum campaign, the Conservatives negotiated a Brexit deal twice, former Conservative prime minister Theresa May called a general election to increase her majority to get Brexit done and ended up with a reduced majority, the Conservatives still had a majority in coalition with the DUP to get Brexit done. The insane idiot Boris Johnson took over as PM, sacked (withdrew the whip from) 21 of his own MPs and spaffed on the DUP to destroy his working majority. He refused to continue with his withdrawal agreement when it was clear that parliament would fulfil their duty by scrutinising it and bringing amendments.

Boris and his rich, elite backers want an insane, anarchic no-deal Brexit. They want a wholesale burning of rules and regulations so that we return to the regulatory regime of fifty years ago. They want to destroy protections for workers and consumers, they want the freedom to pollute and they want you to eat shit. Thankfully opposition parties have prevented that.

The point about Boris Johnson is that he refuses to submit to scrutiny. The prorogation of parliament, telling children not to get drunk at university when it was so much more than that and abandoning his withdrawal agreement are all about evading scrutiny and criticism. His advisor is probably as insane as he is.

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Coming soon :: How to campaign in a general election

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I’m expecting a general election soon. BJ has spaffed up a Brexit mess that is certain to be refused by everyone.

In theory in UK we exist in a participatory democracy. I say in theory because in reality rich vested interests dominate. The rich are powerful through their wealth and influence.

Participatory democracy depends on people to participate. It’s a very long since I’ve campaigned in a general election. Oh, come to think of it … Anyway, I’m hoping to bring you a rough guide on how to campaign in a general election soon. It’s not strictly necessary to be associated with a political party to participate in general election campaigning. You could for example want to campaign for a candidate that appreciates the climate crisis. [ed: or against a candidate that doesn’t]

I’d better update my rough guide.

ed: Problems were encountered posting this post. Thanks to my hosting service.

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