Breaking: new Labour Files episode sees Forde respond to Labour racism

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The Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ documentary series exposed afresh the rampant racism and war on democracy of the Labour right, both to sabotage the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and to purge the left from the party under Keir Starmer.

Now a new episode sees Martin Forde – the barrister Starmer reluctantly commissioned to investigate the report’s allegations and whose findings have been ignored by the Labour right and their media allies ever since – respond to the programme’s evidence and conclusions:

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The Labour Files – The Forde Response I Al Jazeera Investigations

Republished from the Skwawkbox for non-Commercial use.

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BBC news abandoned and descended into soap opera bullshit

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[8 March 2022: I’m very disappointed with this post and disappointed with myself for writing it. What you’ve got essentially is me moaning that the BBC has changed and I don’t like it.

20 and more years ago my analysis was far deeper [It’s almost as if I was deep then and now I’m just overwhelmed and dizzy but lazily accepting of that]. By contrast this is just siht. It is however worth pursuing: How do I understand this, what can I learn? I don’t understand the Nigel Lawsons, the Nigel Farages and the Steve Bakers of this world and instead resort to calling them idiots. If I learn how I was a similar idiot in this case, will it help me in understanding them?

I think that it may have something to do with humans’ relationship with technology. Us humans are designed and hardwired to live in caves, living off animals (including rodents) of varying sizes or eating fruit and vegetables when we’re lucky enough to stumble across it. Today’s World bristling with technology is a long way from that and we have problems with it.

We tend to personify technology when really it is just relatively stupid machanics that does a number of tasks reliably and extremely well. So our mobile phones work mostly perfectly for years [yes they do work for years if you give them the chance] and we become attached to them. We probably think Alex Bell is a great friend, I can rely rely on him. Then when Alex starts becoming unreliable it might be I thought you were my friend but you’re becoming unreliable, going to have to get rid of you and get a better friend, one I can rely on.

So with the BBC telly and radio output, we get used to it and start to think it’s our friend but get pissed off when it starts being an unreliable friend… This is starting to make sense isn’t it?

Going to think about this some more and come back to it.]

[8/3/22 Looks like we are descended from the !San hunter and gathering bushmen of the Kalahari desert. I need to suggest what a friend was to the bushmen.

I like it when my family shares cave and hunting with Bigwulfslayer Frank’s family. We always seem to have successful hunts and my children and his children enjoy each others’ company. My girls seem to knock out good healthy bushmen from his sons’ line and my sons enjoy his daughters. Bigwulfslayer Frank is a friend.

So that’s some idea of what friendship is early in our history. The bushmen needed genetic diversity and got it, joining up for a bigger hunting pack paid dividends, etc. Today we think of tech as our friends and personify cars, puters, phones, etc. So that is a problem.

later: Oops, made a mistake there assuming a patriarchal society. Should have read up on the San first.]

[10 March 2022: I suggested that this might help understand the Nigel Lawsons, the Nigel Farages and the Steve Bakers of this world. It hasn’t really so I had better explain how they and Tony Blair are idiots. Unfortunately this explanation doesn’t hold true for Steve ‘number two’ Baker because he didn’t attend public school. We need a different explanation for him – perhaps he’s just a whore to money, perhaps he’s woofing mad.

Public school actually refers to fee-paying private school so it’s only the rich that attend. As well as the educational qualification achieved mostly through examinations, there is a different aspect taught and learned at all schools. This extra aspect of education has probably got many names but I’ll call it the hidden curriculum.

Public school is all about teaching the rich to rule, to be the cnuts they are. So it instills the ideas that class stratification is the natural order of things, that the rich should rule, that the rich are better than us common plebs, that us common plebs are stupid, dirty and uncouth, that sort of thing. So public school is what enabled the ruling class to be such cnuts that they do massacres and that sort of thing – perhaps more in the age of the traditional British empire than today.

One aspect of the hidden curriculum taught at pubic school is to trust your instincts – to believe things without any supporting evidence and even when the evidence conflicts with those beliefs. So you have Nigel Lawson, Nigel Farage and other climate crisis sceptics dismissing the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change and the fact that we have to act now to save our planet. We also have Tony Blair believing that murdering millions in Iraq was the right thing to do. Tony Blair is actually also totally insane.

[11/3/22 Written before the Iraq war 2003


I respect all religions
And belief-systems worldwide

I have no time
for those b******s

That claim to be Christians
That claim Divine guidance
On the Highway to Hell



10/3/22 later

At the risk of repeating myself. The purpose of public school is to instill and reproduce the sense of entitlement in the privileged scum that attend public schools. You need to have the established belief that you are superior to treat people like siht, you need to have the belief that you are superior to kill the planet, engage in massacres, rape, be a paedo, etc. You need that sense of the infallibility of your base instincts to rationalise (justify to yourself) being a cnut, paedo, etc]

[15/3/22 Nigel Farage is a whore to money, a little gobshite to bigger, richer shites].

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine BBC news has flipped into absolute soap opera bullshit. BBC radio and television exclusively transmits Ukrainian soap opera ignoring all and any other news. In a time when independent news sources are censored by the UK state I am not interested in the opinions of 8-year old Ukranian girls escaping Ukraine. Seriously, this is a real example of the absoulute bullshit BBC news is serving. [7/3/22 I should make clear that it’s not news. It’s usually people recounting their experiences – ideal for propagating propaganda / lies of course – and usually people with no specialised knowledge. It seems like wasting time with BS and anything outside Ukraine is not worthy according to BBC.]

What about an analysis of the West imposing a fekking clown as Ukrainian president? The real Fascism in Ukraine e.g. Fascist special forces committing war crimes, black people prevented from leaving?

WTF is that about?

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