Aren’t these Labour MPs right-winghers? right-whingers?

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I’m contemplating a compare and contrast …

A brick through your office window …

It’s hardly like you were persecuted is it? I can do a huge contrast here

A brick through your office window. You’re really not MP material, are you?

I can beat that one thousand times

He threatened to talk to my dad …

You’re not really MP material, are you?

ed: Please, more of your ridiculous whinging. It’s really entertaining that you’re really so precious. Oh, right-whingers it must be so difficult. Do you feint? It must be soo distressing for you, such gentle things.


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Tony Blair. pretender

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Tony Blair may have been elected Prime Minister but he assumed a crown that was not his.

I campaigned against Bliar in his illegitimate and falsified USUK war against Iraq. Tonee claimed illegitimate authority and I opposed him.

I was wiped from police records – it was as if I didn’t exist. Hmm.

Any policeman who made enquiries about me got a visit from MI5. Why on Earth should Ii have such attention?

Why did I not exist?

I wonder if it had anything to do with Tony Blair. (not)

I was exactly right in my nntp post – should we demean ourselves? … that there are gods walking amoung us

and didn’t Bush and Blair ponce about like they were gods? That’s what got me going – they were behaving like gods

ed: There you go then

ed: ed: I don’t know how it works to be honest but I would expect to notice if you were deposed. Well what do you think?

Comments are welcome. I think that your email address will not be shown. Try it with a fake email address. ed: No it’s OK. I’ve got to allow them, I’ll delete your email address.

ed It’s after I realised about the maths of it all. John Reid, cnut. Journalists. I think that Blair is a pretender.

Well he is. More than a pretender. A total fraud. That was Blair I don’t think he had anything else.

Assuming fake legitimacy – that’s Tony Blair.

I did actually wonder how I was so powerful stating that he didn’t have a mandate or any legitimacy.

There you go.

What was his office called? Ho?

ed: Ho Ho

I think that we’re waking loads of people up now ;) Morning Terry

I used to wake Bliar up. Better get used to it ;)

Well it is Full Moon ;)

Can we crucify IB now please?

Myrobella Ho

Morning Terry, sorry to get you up but then it does come with the job. I did that queen’s (mum actually) messenger bit. You know, all that, I’ve got the name, the birthdate all that nonsense, a pink rabbit suit when I was a really young kid, I couldn’t help it to be honest. I agree it’s just nonsense isn’t it? I expect that you were warned. That’s the British establishment for you. Please express my thanks to the SAS – and to those in charge of them – for looking after me all those years ago. I had about three or four different nations folowing me. I could provide some advice to them actually.

I won’t do any more. Better get some sleep, eh ;)

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