What about if those insane f*****s elect Trump, we’ll have our own New World Order?

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ed: I find it really strange that we don’t disregard all that US nonsense and instead otherwise get on with it.

ed: I suggest that all nations should regard Trump as president appropriately ;) By which I mean not at all seriously and seriously open to abuse, ridicule and shitting-on.

ed: If they’re going to elect that, then they should be regarded as Trump.

ed: Can we please instead recognise that human populations have got to stop destroying our environment? Can we instead go for not adversely affecting our environment? Can we please do that – that we are instead of polluting and destroying our World that we care for it?  er, what we’re passing on to our children? Shouldn’t we care for it?



There is that conflict: The conflict is between Capitalists who want to make profit and as much profit as possible and the rest of us who don’t. Can I suggest that it’s really very straightforward?

The Capitalists want to make as much money as possible. They exploit people to extract profit.

There is an alternative. Why should we tolerate it?

The alternative is that we don’t run this World – our World – on the basis of how much profit can be extracted. We can instead respect people.

We can care for people and our environment.

3am I think that we can get away from opposing insane fuckers. Let’s get away from this ridiculous profiteering.

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Er, did I accuse the Israelis of murdering Jean Charles de Menezes?

Bliar invited everyone in – fucking useless insane twat controlled by his butler

I’m getting locked out of my own blog here …



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Flying early next week

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I’m flying early next week to view a boat.

I’m going and coming back late the same day. That’s what I’m doing.

ed: I would prefer not to see FO machine guns

ed: because that’s over the top & not necessary. I can accept that it may be necessary in certain circumstances but you can keep them out of sight just like you do with your cars

ed: The problem is that police openly carrying weapons – even a handgun on the waist – is that it <I’m having trouble expressing myself> is not consistent with / abbrades, it’s rough / with a democratic society.

ed: The point is that police quite openly holding machine guns is appropriate only to repressive regimes. It is making the statement that you will be killed.

ed: and disagreement is not tolerated.

while it is a democratic right to disagree and express that disagreement.

ed: Let’s clarify this.

Police with machine guns means that police with machine guns can kill lots of people – that’s what machine guns do – they kill lots of people.

It should be recognised that UK police have machine guns but they are normally locked out of sight in the back of the police car. Get rid of this idea that UK police are not armed – it’s just a fallacy. Loads of diplomatic protection police have vulnerably accessible handguns (on their motorcycles)[ed: I could have done it, no problem]. UK police are armed.

I think that the issue is that overt heavy armament i.e. machine guns signify an oppressive authoritarian regime which I hope that the UK is not.

ed: Anyway I’m going to see a boat

ed: We’re going to have to take the piss:

You’ve got a biggun

Don’t know if I can get that in my mouth …

It’s notworking . I need bigguns pund

ed: Hollow Point – that’s not funny. D’you imagine that the DCdM [ed: murderers ] were Israeli?

ed: No need to imagine

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Coming Soon: An Israel series

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It’s important to understand Israel, Palestine, Gaza, UN, war crimes, etc

It’s a shame that I have to point it out

ed: Shall we start?

Zionists are about supporting Israel. Zionists are hugely powerful having huge influence in the media and politics.

It is important to distinguish i.e. discern, Zionists from Jews. Judaism is a religion. Zionism is a racist ideology.

That’s a start

ed: Zionist terrorists and genocidalists were instrumental in the creation of the ‘state’ of Israel

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Do your own research – don’t take my word for it.

Zionism is about establishing the state of Israel.

Zionistm is a racist ideology because it maintains that Jews are a separate race in the same way that Nazis claimed that Germans were a separate race. Both are racist ideologies.

Zionists are not representative of Jews although they try to be. The reality is that there are Jews everywhere as they have always been – just as there are all sorts of people everywhere.

Israel is a Fascist racist state just as Nazi Germany was. Israel has engaged in ethnic cleansing just as Nazi Germany did.

ed: Racism is a totally outdated concept from Colonialism. It was about regarding black people being an inferior race so that slave traders could profit from their evil trade. There is one race, the human race. Differences are simply beautiful and wonderful.

ed: And science suggest that we’re all from Africa.

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