Shall we talk about what’s obvious and accepted?

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At least it’s accepted in certain quarters{!} that I have demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt…

The context is an insane PM in charge of a Fascist regime – isn’t that what it is when there’s a dictatorial leader that cannot countenance any dissent and the police are inseparable from the government? Isn’t that what it is when the big, fat [4/10/15 edit: , totally ridiculous twat of a} policeman is a political appointee and so keen to kill people who oppose the glorious leader? [4/10/15 That absolute New Labour arse was promoted by Blunkett on a pretext]. Well c’mon there are lessons from history here. You have an authoritarian leader and any effective dissent must be crushed with that Fascist boot.

Was it not so in 2005? The glorious war leader was not so glorious. Wasn’t he actually unglorious? Didn’t they need that Fascist deed … that history tells us that they go for?

ed: There is a key

[4/10/15 and isn’t that key so obvious? Weren’t so many people aware then? There are contemporary accounts. Things like – paraphrased – you are such an absolute useless New Labour Fascist ****. ] You won’t get it all, but there’s enough in the public domain. He was on a nasty mission of persecuting a particular political activist for being an effective political activist attacking the un/glorious leader.]

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Shall we have some straight talking about terrorism for a change?

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Terrorism is used to scare people to conform. It is about governments controlling people through fear and paranoia. Aren’t governments the real terrorists – the ones that control people through fear?

How many people, what proportion do they need to be scared ****less? Watch more television, you’ll get scared, stay indoors and get obese and controlled. That’s allright security services just need far more resources to keep you scared indoors fight terrrism.

Do you really believe or accept that 911 was not made for television? That it was not a spectacle directed and produced in the way that movies are produced? that it was not a blockbuster? Wasn’t it a cable-TV extravaganza?

I’m glad that I don’t watch television or movies BS. Is that reality for you? Is that all it takes? So you watch television and it makes you credulous / incredulous / stupid / moranic? (yes I know I saw a photo }

Actually so many people know that it’s total BS. So many people know that it’s total BS in the same way that they have had no other way to express themselves …

It’s people who have not even had any exposure to the argument. They just know it’s carp. They’re used to the television and the corporate media. They know that it can’t be trusted. They know that it is fiction and that television news is entertainment just like movies. I may be wrong (mistaken) but … praps I’m not.

It’s actually very refreshing. I decided long ago that I wasn’t interested in convincing people. It’s really great that there are all these people who are anyway unbelieving.

If people accept everything that they see on television then there’s no helping them. There is a very non-PC term for these people which I suppose was very prevalent in the 70s and 80s.

If people have a functioning brain then they probably don’t watch television.

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Edit Shall we have some straight talking about terrorism for a change?

A suggestion

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That 9/11 is exposed as what it was.

Can those that believe in justice please participate and ed: donate participate?

4.26am edit: I suppose that is difficult since it has been accepted as the dominant ideology. It has been adopted by all major states since it serves their purpose. People are controlled through their irrational and unjustified fear.

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Be afraid

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Don’t talk to anyone because everyone else is weird. Don’t talk to anyone.

Don’t enjoy yourselves. Be so afraid that you just consume. You know that consumption is GOOD.

Be so afraid that you don’t ever venture out from your scared existence.

Keep your kids in because it’s dangerous out there – it’s soo dangerous. Don’t let them out because it’s dangerous.

Don’t ever meet anyone because it’s dangerous outside your home and they have dangerous ideas.

Don’t talk to anyone because everyone else is dangerous and weird and have funny ideas that are challenging.

Relax and know that you are doing the right thing. Consuming and being scared – instead of taking part in society.

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Terrorism BS must be recognised and exposed as Fascism

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This is what I am proposing:

The Terrorism narrative is excessively exaggerated and is intended to control people through fear to support an authoritarian right-wing agenda. It is further intended to scare people to support a right-wing agenda that supports a particular right-wing Fascist state.

ed: Real Socialists should make this point loud and clear. It is so ridiculously ridiculous. People are scared by this ridiculous BS when there is probably more danger walking on the pavement but definitely riding a bike. That’s not even starting on it being total Fascist BS cr**.

ed: Socialist(?) Are you? C’mon.

ed: While I’m here. UK population haven’t had anyone to vote for. I’m being polite. Please start taking it seriously. Burnham, Falconer? You were elected as a Socialist FFS.

later: do leader of the opposition get spads? flat there, so many arguments, salary & xpenses.

later later: On second thoughts. It’s very easy. You don’t need a spad to be a Socialist. I’m being polite again. lll: thinking about it, to be YS, YGGYST.

llll: and to think that we campaigned together all those yers ago. I’ve got some issues from then – with cnuts at the time – that need to be resolved. Issues like being persecuted.

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