Shall we have some straight talking about terrorism for a change?

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Terrorism is used to scare people to conform. It is about governments controlling people through fear and paranoia. Aren’t governments the real terrorists – the ones that control people through fear?

How many people, what proportion do they need to be scared ****less? Watch more television, you’ll get scared, stay indoors and get obese and controlled. That’s allright security services just need far more resources to keep you scared indoors fight terrrism.

Do you really believe or accept that 911 was not made for television? That it was not a spectacle directed and produced in the way that movies are produced? that it was not a blockbuster? Wasn’t it a cable-TV extravaganza?

I’m glad that I don’t watch television or movies BS. Is that reality for you? Is that all it takes? So you watch television and it makes you credulous / incredulous / stupid / moranic? (yes I know I saw a photo }

Actually so many people know that it’s total BS. So many people know that it’s total BS in the same way that they have had no other way to express themselves …

It’s people who have not even had any exposure to the argument. They just know it’s carp. They’re used to the television and the corporate media. They know that it can’t be trusted. They know that it is fiction and that television news is entertainment just like movies. I may be wrong (mistaken) but … praps I’m not.

It’s actually very refreshing. I decided long ago that I wasn’t interested in convincing people. It’s really great that there are all these people who are anyway unbelieving.

If people accept everything that they see on television then there’s no helping them. There is a very non-PC term for these people which I suppose was very prevalent in the 70s and 80s.

If people have a functioning brain then they probably don’t watch television.

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