Hi all

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I’m thinking that having a blog I should post more often. Unfortunately, I feel that usually I have nothing to say that is worthy of your attention. I do apologise and I will try better.

I’m struggling to find words that are appropriate. It’s difficult and so ridiculous in such a contrived, nonsense society.

I did manage this … Enjoying ourselves is important despite all else. It’s good to enjoy the company of friends.

Well I don’t have much to say.

I am a natural beekeeper – keeping bees without exploiting bees and poisoning them like conventional beekeepers do.


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I’m old school

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Ten or fifteen years ago when I started blogging. Fifteen years ago? Well definitely 14 years ago – that’s proved, documented, UYA. UYA?

The point is that 14/15 years ago I was very concerned to publish anonymously. The whole concept of privacy is – possibly – lost now? I was publishing and hoping that people would not know and would never know who I amwas.

What about intimacy? Is the concept of intimacy gone now too with the concept of privacy…?  I would still like to get intimate with people …


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I propose a New World Order

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I propose a New World Order

A World Order

Not dominated and exploited by the West.

If I was the rest of the World I would say FU 8 of you, there are loads of us. We don’t want anything to do with your terrorism bullshit because that’s exactly what it is. Although you’ve dominated for the last 50+ years fuck off

edit: If I was African states I would say let’s have a coalition of African states (& F them)

If I was Asian states …


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