FAKE, MANUFACTURED TERRORISM: FBI fake, manufactured terrorism

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Related to my recent post What it’s like to be a suspected terrorist

The article quoted below reports that the FBI creates terrorists and promotes the false narrative of a terrorist threat.

I think that it’s done differently in UK and Europe – it’s more about staging an act and attributing the blame to suspected terrorists. Suspected terrorists can be arrested  apprehended beforehand or the act can be set to coincide with his/her arrival (fancy that, there may even be CCTV in such a case). later edit: Jean Charles de Menezes returned onto the bus and travelled to Stockwell tube station where he was murdered because Brixton tube station was closed.

Once you’re arrested in UK e.g. for criminal damage which can be quite minor, your home is routinely searched. They’re going to be straight round there in an apparent terrorism case to get your passport for when you’re shot dead to avoid any awkward trials.

They know your every movement and intended movement of course because they following  your every move in real-time. You routinely go to the pub every Saturday afternoon, then it will be on the way to the pub. You text or ring someone “I’ll meet you there at 3.30”.

Gathered surveillance data is shared far and wide almost instantly. The US and Mossad will have it probably within seconds. This is what is meant when terrorist anti-terrorist spooks and politicians talk about information sharing to defeat the terrorist threat.

ed: I didn’t emphasize enough how widely surveillance data is shared almost instantly. Everyone and their dog will have it – it will be available to all UK, US and other allied states agencies concerned with terrorism.

David Murdoch-Cameron: Poisonous ideologues, conspiracy theorists are extremists …


Government agents ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots

Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants, a new report says.

Some of the controversial “sting” operations “were proposed or led by informants”, bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.

The lengthy report, released on Monday by Human Rights Watch, raises questions about the US criminal justice system’s ability to respect civil rights and due process in post-9/11 terrorism cases. It portrays a system that features not just the sting operations but secret evidence, anonymous juries, extensive pretrial detentions and convictions significantly removed from actual plots.

“In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act,” the report alleges.

Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman explain the pattern followed by the FBI

The known facts from this latest case seem to fit well within a now-familiar FBI pattern whereby the agency does not disrupt planned domestic terror attacks but rather creates them, then publicly praises itself for stopping its own plots.

First, they target a Muslim: not due to any evidence of intent or capability to engage in terrorism, but rather for the “radical” political views he expresses. In most cases, the Muslim targeted by the FBI is a very young (late teens, early 20s), adrift, unemployed loner who has shown no signs of mastering basic life functions, let alone carrying out a serious terror attack, and has no known involvement with actual terrorist groups.

They then find another Muslim who is highly motivated to help disrupt a “terror plot”: either because they’re being paid substantial sums of money by the FBI or because (as appears to be the case here) they are charged with some unrelated crime and are desperate to please the FBI in exchange for leniency (or both). The FBI then gives the informant a detailed attack plan, and sometimes even the money and other instruments to carry it out, and the informant then shares all of that with the target. Typically, the informant also induces, lures, cajoles, and persuades the target to agree to carry out the FBI-designed plot. In some instances where the target refuses to go along, they have their informant offer huge cash inducements to the impoverished target.

Once they finally get the target to agree, the FBI swoops in at the last minute, arrests the target, issues a press release praising themselves for disrupting a dangerous attack (which it conceived of, funded, and recruited the operatives for), and the DOJ and federal judges send their target to prison for years or even decades (where they are kept in special GITMO-like units). Subservient U.S. courts uphold the charges by applying such a broad and permissive interpretation of “entrapment” that it could almost never be successfully invoked.

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Judge condemns Amber Rudd for ignoring orders to release torture victim

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A high court judge has said she is “deeply concerned” about the behaviour of Amber Rudd for failing to release a survivor of torture from detention despite repeated court orders requiring her to do so.

On Wednesday Mrs Justice Nicola Davies DBE presided over an emergency high court hearing to examine the home secretary’s delay in releasing an asylum seeker who had been tortured in a Libyan prison with electric shocks and falaka – beating on the soles of the feet.

“The court is deeply concerned,” she said. “Four weeks have elapsed since an order was made.”

She added that the home secretary had failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for the delays in releasing the man from detention.

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What it’s like to be a suspected terrorist

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I think that it started over thirty 0dd years ago. My insane radical political parents involved me in their radical political protests while I was in my early teens. I was neglected and    abused and starved of love and affection.

Want a zebra crossing? You need a can of white paint for that. Let’s occupy the the Dept of Trade and Industry boardroom, British Steel Wales boardroom, let’s picket Bob Scholey British Steel’s boss’s house. Thatcher lied about creating a Welsh fourth television channel – now S4C. “Who, where, when and why made the Queen tell a lie?” aping a Telegraph advertising campaign at the time. At fifteen I was arguing with nuclear power PR men and wiping the floor with them.

We were used to being routinely followed and it was accepted that the phone was tapped by local Special Branch (political police). It was easier then because they couldn’t hide so easily. There was a story about a real-world experiment at that time: posting unexposed camera film to many addresses and virtually none of it arrived undamaged. They weren’t that bright – it was clumsy and coarse – but you knew they were the enemy. How is it different to repressive regimes where they open your post and listen to your phone calls if you’re a political dissident?

Police magicked a story about a mini being seen at the scene of a Welsh holiday-home arson and – as if by coincidence – I was driving a mini that had been stored away in a garage for a couple of years. That was a fantastic car with a hundred and forty thousand miles on the clock. You could really throw it about and slide it sideways. I took it through a deep flood on the road with people standing around their much larger wet stopped cars – feel the power of a splash guard on the distributor and WD40.

In my teens I was a radical political activist taking part in some variously successful campaigns. They were scared. There’s a very capable youngster here opposing Capitalism and nuclear BS. And then there was that other thing about names, dates and numbers which I knew nothing about at the time.

So once you’re suspected of being a suspected terrorist you’re watched for ever. Everything you do is watched like a hawk and interpreted in the most perverse ways but it’s much more than that.

All the people you meet are tainted so that they are also suspected terrorists – at least until they are cleared. Their financial transactions are delayed until it’s clear that they do actually want to expand their business. Your doctors surgery starts treating you like shit until you twig that they’ve been served a non-disclosure disclosure notice – we want to know everything about your suspected terrorist and if you tell anyone else we’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks.

I’ve got an old – some would say classic – motorbike, a bicycle or two, lawnmowers and other petrol garden tools, an old yacht to maintain and I also maintain a close friend’s old 1.9 IDT. I need to buy parts for them but it’s not accepted that I buy parts to maintain these vehicles. It’s what sort of bomb can he make with all these filters? What bomb can he make with this acetone (to clean carburettors)? Is he making a water bomb with that coolant temperature sensor?

The 1.9 IDT was owned from new. It was delayed for hours on it’s first 1000 miles service while our own hidden police radio was fitted.

[7/10/17 There was a persistent drain on the battery recently so that the car refused to start if unused for a couple of days. I had to learn how to do a parasitic drain test and identified the drain as the shared power feed to the air conditioning and OBD2 diagnostic port. The OBD2 port would be an ideal place to feed a hidden police radio – on a new car it would not be expected to be used for many years. I would expect such a hidden police radio to be based on mobile phone technology and that after fourteen years or so the battery is worn out. Problems have been experienced using the ODB2 port.]

A real problem is that once you’re a suspected terrorist all your rights vanish. One of the messages of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes is that suspected terrorists can be murdered with immunity. ed: Actually the message is all we need to do to conduct a political execution is to call you a suspected terrorist.

Everything is interpreted according to their twisted logic: He must be a terrorist because we’ve been watching him for 30 years. The flaw here of course is that if he’s a terrorist, then why has he never done any terrorism?

Fake terrorism bullshit looks very different from my perspective as a suspected terrorist. All this fake, manufactured terrorism BS. Terrorism at election time? It doesn’t take much to see through that one does it?

Suspected terrorists are killed dead so that there is never a trial and they always take their passports along? I believe that there has been entrapment like that trying to kill me. They’ll say well he was well known to authorities, we’ve been watching him for thirty years.

Blair’s butler Ian Blair was a real Fascist. He attacked me personally for cutting political critique i.e. attacking his master. He was quite simply a blatant Fascist murdering bastard. I’m sure that there is loads of fictional BS on me from his master’s Fascist era.

ed: I may expand this post

25/8/17 This may be a draft for a better-written article. There’s a lot to include.

About contacts being regarded as suspect. I think it was Snowden that revealed that contacts up to 3 steps removed are checked. For example I am registered to email lists that offer items for free so that they are kept from the rubbish tip. So, everyone offering by email or reading or receiving emails would be the first step, all their contacts would be the second step and all their contacts would be the third step.

Obviously this is a huge and futile practice involving a lot of wasted effort. It follows that a large part of it will be automated so that totally innocent peoples’ computers, phones, etc will be hacked by GCHQ automatically. In the past I’ve been regularly unsubscribed from such mailing lists by the spooks so that they can avoid this futile heavy workload.


This was probably about 6 or 7 years ago. I went to a local concert as part of a local festival. It was about 9pm and it was the end of it. I got there and bought a pint. I was clocked by a mounted policeman. Ten minutes or so later two fire engines turned up to a hotel nearby on a false alarm.

Local police are much better in recent years. They’re probably aware now that it’s politically-motivated BS.

I saw a sniper watching me on a roof while I was at Swansea Marina very recently.

[7/10/17 It was very strange. He was on a roof about 150m away with a good view of me as I emerged from the cabin in the morning. The trouble is that you climb a few steps to emerge from the cabin so you tend to be looking upwards – in this case at rooftops. He scurried away soon as I was watching. It could have been somebody dressed in black just hanging around on a roof early on a cold morning.]

I want to stress again that this is about politics and nothing to do with counter-terrorism. Ian Blair, former boss of the Metropolitan Police was blatantly promoting Tony Blair’s government. There is likely to be all sorts of BS on police records from that era. The effect is harassment of political activists.

Counter-terror programme is “doing a fantastic job” insists Home Secretary Amber Rudd during Leeds visit


6/8/17 [About this blog]. I’m sure that there has been efforts to hide the popularity and influence of this blog from me. All stats – even ones that I’ve installed have been useless. The popularity of this blog varies wildly partly because it’s often not updated for extended periods. There have been times when it was massively popular which is seen in indirect feedback other than stats.

There’s also the absence of comments. While I do use Kismet spam filter, I’m sure that I also have a secretary at GCHQ censoring many comments before it reaches Kismet. I’ll get about one genuine comment a year. Not even abuse gets through. Surely this blog is offensive enough to attract abuse?


Internet security: While I do the basics like run Linux, a firewall and ensure that my system is kept up-to-date with security patches I recognise, appreciate and accept that I am one individual against huge odds. I have some understanding of computer security issues e.g. I understand Edward Snowden and Julian Assange (he needs to get out more) and can program a little but I’m no match for government agencies and many others. Is there a defence against zero-day exploits that insecurity agencies buy and develop? Mobile devices are a serious security issue. It’s probably best to simply accept that security is illusory unless there’s a dedicated team addressing it, and even then …

I noticed someone vulnerability scanning [me] many years ago. It came from Royal Mint Square, E1 very close to Tower Bridge. There are a lot of companies there – I didn’t pay much attention to who it was although it was a private company. I ping flooded them back. They didn’t notice until I ramped it up so not that good at it.

Getting noticed: I tend to use bank cards a lot so that I am easily monitored. Riding a motorcycle (with the number plate on the back) and sailing a little I avoid Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). What it means is that I can surface somewhere unexpectedly.

Generally, it’s not anything near as bad as it was under the Fascism of the Blairs. I get surprised by attacks from unexpected sources. I was surprised by the blatant attacks from Ian Blair. I have recently been surprised by attacks from a GP. People follow different agendas.

13/12/17 People follow different agendas … and in the case of army and police they follow the agendas of the people in charge of them. On occasion I have been followed to protect me.

12/7/18 I get the impression that during the Blair era that there was a continuous forever emergency crisis so that the army was deployed against political critics. I certainly saw that with Chinook helicopters watching me in an urban area. Not subtle, that.

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Wedi bod yn hwylio yn ddiweddar. Rwy’n newydd i hwylio a dyma’r tro cyntaf i fi mynd ar trip hwylio go iawn. Neidiais i ar cynnig hwylio yng nghwmni cwch arrall o fy nghlwb hwylio.

Cyn gadael symudais i fy nghwch i’r pontwn er mwyn ei llwytho. Roedd y pontwn yn lyb ac yn llithrig ac i mewn i’r dwr es i. Yn lwcus roedd un o’r cwch arall ar gael i clymu fy nghwch i’r pontwn. Cyn i fi cwmpo i’r dwr, roedd e wedi fy rhybuddio “Mae’n llithrig yno”.

Caethon ni hwyl wych i Fae Caerdydd o’r dwyrain. Roedden ni’n erbyn y gwynt ac ‘tacking’ yr holl ffordd. Roedd fy nghwch i yn wych – yn hwylio’n agos iawn i’r gwynt.

Ar y dydd Mawrth moduron ni i Abartawe.

Dydd Mercher, hwylion ni o Abertawe yn bwriadu cyrraedd Dinbych-y-Pysgod. Allan o Fae Abartawe roedd hi’n arw. Roeddwn i’n ceisio aros a’r cwch arall ond doedd dim siawns. Ro’n i’n teithio yn llawer rhy gyflym i fy brofiad – yn cyffwrdd wyth a hanner not ar adegau yn ol y GPS a’r gunwalls yn lyb. Roedd fy nghwch yn hwylio’n wych eto a fi oedd yn dal hi’n ol a heb bod mewn rheolaith yn iawn.

Image of Worm's Head (snagged from the web)

I ffwrdd o Pentir Gofan (Worm’s Head) stopiais i’r cwch mewn ‘heave-to’ damweiniol. Roedd hi’n croeso cael saib am dipyn. Gallwn i weld fod Bae Caerfyrddin hyd yn oed yn fwy arw. Penderfynnais i dychwelyd i Abertawe. Roeddwn i wedi blino’n llwyr erbyn hyn felly modurais i yn ol.

Image of a dolphin (snagged from the web, probably not the one i saw)

Ges i dolffin yn neidio ar draws flaen y cwch am amser byr wrth moduro heibio Rhosili. Roeddwn i’n synny mor fach ydyn nhw. Mae gweld dolffin i fod i bod yn lwcus ond methodd y modur wrth agosai Bae Abertawe.

Roedd y cwch yn Marina Abertawe am wythnos wrth i fy trwsio’r modur, teithio gyda’r tren i hel darnau ac wedyn aros i’r llanw iawn cyn ymadael. Arosais i am llanw isel yn y bore cyn teithio’n nol i Fae Caerdydd. Doedd dim gwynt a modurais i yng nghwmni cwch arall yr holl ffordd nol.

Gadewais i’r cwch yn Fae Caerdydd am ychydig o ddyddiau a teithio yn ol adref ar y tren.

Wedi dychwelyd i’r cwch nos Wener i hwylio ar ddydd Sadwrn, dyma galwad “Rhys, wyt ti’n dod am paned?”. Roedd dau cwch o fy nghlwb hwylio yno hefyd yn bwriadu dychwelyd ar y Sadwrn.

Mae pobl a ffrofiad anferth yn fy nghlwb hwylio – un ohonyn nhw wedi hwylio square-rigger am tair neu pedair blynedd, un arall wedi hwylio’r Atlantic nifer o weithiau ac ati. Rwy’n ddiolchgar iawn eu bod nhw mor gyfeillfar ac annogol.


I’ve been sailing recently. I’m new to sailing and this is the first time I went on a proper sailing trip. I jumped at the opportunity to go sailing with another boat from my sailing club.

Before leaving I moved my boat to the pontoon to load it. The pontoon was wet and slippery and into the water I went. Luckily one from the other boat moored my boat to the pontoon. Before I fell in the water, he warned me “It is slippery there”.

We had great fun sailing to Cardiff Bay from the east. We were against the wind and tacking all the way. My boat was great – it sailed very close to the wind.

On Tuesday, we motored to Abartawe.

On Wednesday, we left Swansea Bay planning to reach Tenby. The weather was awful out of Swansea Bay. I tried to keep up with the other boat but there was no chance. I was travelling far too fast for my experience – the GPS read eight and a half knots at times and the gunwalls were wet. My boat sailed really well again. It was me holding her back and I wasn’t properly in control.

Image of Worm's Head (snagged from the web)

Off Pentir Gofan (Worm’s Head) I stopped the boat in an accidental ‘heave-to’. The short break was welcome. I could see that Carmarthen Bay was even rougher. I decided to return to Swansea. I was totally exhausted by now and motored back.

Image of a dolphin (snagged from the web, probably not the one i saw)

I briefly had a dolphin jumping across the bow as I motored past Rhossili. I was surprised how small they are. Seeing a dolphin is supposed to be lucky but the motor failed close to Swansea Bay.

The boat was at Swansea Marina for a week as I repaired the motor, travelled by train to get spares and then waiting for the tide before leaving. I waited for a low tide in the morning before travelling back to Cardiff Bay. There was no wind and I motored with another yacht all the way back.

I left the boat in Cardiff Bay for a few days and travelled home on the train.

After returning to the boat on Friday evening to sail on Saturday, there was a call “Rhys, are you coming for a cuppa?” Two boats from my sailing club were there planning to return on Saturday.

People at my sailing club have huge experience – one of them sailed a square-rigger for three or four years, another has sailed the Atlantic several times and so on. I am very grateful that they are so friendly and encouraging.

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