It scares them ****less

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… that they can’t monitor what I’m doing.

Thank you tor.

The real point is that political activists should not be surveilled in so-called democratic societies.

They shouldn’t have their post so obviously interfered with using endoscopes and they shouldn’t have their internet connections so obviously interfered with in such similar amateur ways.


You could rephrase it “They’re scared …


ed: I find it so ridiculously pathetic just like your manufactured terrorism BS designed to scare people into conformity. Please just FO* because you’re so transparent and ridiculous.

* 11/9/15 edited FU to FO.

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I am supporting the 38degrees campaign against the privatisation of children’s services in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. I would expect expressions of support and apologies for absence to be welcomed.


To: Bristol CCG, Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire CCG, South Gloucestershire Council, North Somerset CCG, North Somerset Council and NHS England

of 6,000 signatures

Campaign created by Nathan Williams

We are calling on the above named organisations to ensure that all the services within the Children’s Community Health Partnership (CCHP) including the Inpatient Adolescent Mental Health Service, continue to be provided together and within the NHS.

Why is this important?

NHS children’s community health services and the inpatient adolescent mental health service in Bristol & South Gloucestershire are in the process of being recommissioned. In the next few weeks the commissioners will announce their ‘preferred bidders’ to run a one-year interim service from April 2016 ahead of a decision about which provider will be awarded a longer-term ‘substantive’ contract. We know private companies are planning to bid to run these services.

There are two reasons why this campaign is vitally important:

Firstly, children and young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire need to get the best possible care and treatment. This means having services which are integrated and can work together, provided by people who are interested in delivering top quality care, not making maximum profit.

Secondly, every time an NHS service in the UK is privatised we are a step closer to a US-style health system which would mean the end of free-at-point-of-need healthcare. The government has just proposed an inquiry into moving to a ‘pay NHS’ – further evidence that this government is not fully committed to a future publicly-owned health service.

We are a group of concerned local people, including service users and NHS staff, who understand how damaging the consequences of moving these services to a private provider could be. We think the principle of ‘people before profit’ in the NHS is fundamental in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and the rest of the UK.

Join our campaign at

or search ‘Protect CCHP’ on Twitter for more information.

How it will be delivered

Petitioners will meet at the Bear Pit in Bristol from 12.15pm on August 26th and walk the very short distance to deliver the petition to the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group. Please join so we can show them the strength of feeling against private companies running these services.


It’s a Cyn

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That’s what it’s about.

It’s a Cyn (and I recognise him)


9/8/15 I was excluded from PNC – unsearchable. That’s unheard of for somebody who had/s a record. Policemen who searched for me had a visit.

That’s enough now. It’s clear to me. You may need to reflect on it.

9/8/15 3.15am I would be pleased to make a sworn statement about this.

11/8/15 Please let me try to explain. I happened across it. It happened.

If we apply logic, nonces will make sure that those in the highest office to replace them are also nonces. They’ve got to appoint nonces to replaces them so that they will be safe. Doesn’t that make sense? Isn’t that logical?

You may find that those who are obviously lenient on nonces are either nonces or willing to overlook that to attain high office. …

later: But what’s happened now is that we’ve had a break. Current PM is there by a different route. I am tempted to call it a rupture – the point being that it is different to the previous path. Because of this ‘rupture’, the normal protection of establishment nonces is absent. Savile started it. Normal nonce control would have contained it.

later again edit: I hope that it is a rupture – that never again people will abuse children with impunity.

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Deep Perspective: Historical Abuse

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UK news has been concerned recently with cases of historical child abuse. While attention to former prime ministers is welcomed, attention to living ones would be appreciated.

There are cases of historical abuse other than child abuse that need to be addressed. Some individuals belong to both groups. It would be appreciated that those responsible be held to account while they are still of this World. Come to think of it, in transition would be OK too.

12/8/15 These policemen who are investigating this have my sympathy. It’s such an emotive issue, they have to do it properly and since it’s such an emotive issue they seem to be criticised whatever they do. While David Icke was absolutely, totally correct with Savile years or decades before anyone else it’s not down to conspiracists.

It’s not right for anyone to be unfairly cast as a paedo. Recently we’ve had a photo of Heath and Jaconelli. So what – he was a prime minister on an official visit and met the mayor of Scarborough? It’s clearly an official visit. Then there’s counting eleven kids going on his boat and only ten getting off. Well, you just counted them wrong. That’s nonsense. If he was a paedo, then let’s hear it. If he wasn’t, then he wasn’t.

Let’s just let them do it, eh?

3.10am We have credible sources of a minister in the Blair cabinet intervening in a paedophile’s attempt to foster children in Lambeth. Following this story, it appears that Blair was advised before the investigation was abandoned. So there’s an identified but as yet undisclosed minister in Blair’s cabinet being an unashamed and overt supporter of a paedophile. Doesn’t that look like easy?

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