Deep Perspective: Historical Abuse

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UK news has been concerned recently with cases of historical child abuse. While attention to former prime ministers is welcomed, attention to living ones would be appreciated.

There are cases of historical abuse other than child abuse that need to be addressed. Some individuals belong to both groups. It would be appreciated that those responsible be held to account while they are still of this World. Come to think of it, in transition would be OK too.

12/8/15 These policemen who are investigating this have my sympathy. It’s such an emotive issue, they have to do it properly and since it’s such an emotive issue they seem to be criticised whatever they do. While David Icke was absolutely, totally correct with Savile years or decades before anyone else it’s not down to conspiracists.

It’s not right for anyone to be unfairly cast as a paedo. Recently we’ve had a photo of Heath and Jaconelli. So what – he was a prime minister on an official visit and met the mayor of Scarborough? It’s clearly an official visit. Then there’s counting eleven kids going on his boat and only ten getting off. Well, you just counted them wrong. That’s nonsense. If he was a paedo, then let’s hear it. If he wasn’t, then he wasn’t.

Let’s just let them do it, eh?

3.10am We have credible sources of a minister in the Blair cabinet intervening in a paedophile’s attempt to foster children in Lambeth. Following this story, it appears that Blair was advised before the investigation was abandoned. So there’s an identified but as yet undisclosed minister in Blair’s cabinet being an unashamed and overt supporter of a paedophile. Doesn’t that look like easy?

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