From many years ago …

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I’m not certain exactly when – probably 98 or 99, possibly earlier 96, 97

I think that it was my first website although I may have had one – with an animated UFO gif before. GCHQ and Theresa will know ;)

It was originally a free website. Geocites was later taken over by yahoo.

ed: I wonder if that was so threatening? I suppose it was.

ed: It was at that time, politically.

ed: I am in no way ashamed of that website. I said it. I wrote it. I was a lot younger then but I was correct. [I said correct instead of right

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I found that my first website was (mostly) archived a few days ago

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Artwork by Lichty 1994. Caption reads "All hypotheses of political manipulation are reversible in an endless whirligig....."
Artwork by Lichty 1994. Caption reads “All hypotheses of political manipulation are reversible in an endless whirligig…..”

Possibly – or possibly not – one of the first blogs – I did have a diary there which is what blogs are about. It was a geocites website at Athens/Olympus/1833.  Try searching for “Deep DT” if you’re interested. I found it on tor, you should be able to find it otherwise.

“Altruism* and charity” was mine. I’m actually quite proud of that. It’s short and to the point.

I also had an animated UFO gif which is lost …

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about the one who went off to be a radio news presenter

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This post is only up briefly.    [looks like not that briefly:}

I seem to repeatedly come back to my schooling years, probably with good reason. [ed:? because you’re abused, all abusers join in? If you weren’t abused, you would not tolerate it? They know that they can abuse you without anyone to protect you? It is that you’re vulnerable and that there will be no consequences.]. I attended an academically very good Comprehensive school where there were typically a few acceptances to Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge universities). That’s quite an achievement from the South Wales valleys. It was almost run like a public (UK oxymoron alert: public schools are private fee-paying schools in the UK) school and at least some of the teachers were from a public school tradition. It was widely accepted that that school provided a good education.

There is a tradition of extreme Christian bigots in Wales. I suffered abuse at that school because I insisted on my right not to be subjected to their Christian BS. I should not have been expected to defend myself against Christian bigots who are at least twice my age and had been educated at the best universities. Nor should I have been subjected to their abuse. Should I really have been expected to defend myself – in my early teens – against such skilled adversaries? ed: I was repeatedly punished on spurious grounds that typically involved punishment and revocation of breaks.

I’m not talking about physical or sexual abuse – although I was seriously physically assaulted without warning by two teacher cnuts there when I was thirteen but that was about something else. I’m talking about the abuse of having to defend myself intellectually against these nutters. I was not accepting their BS according to my legal rights. I should not be required to justify that or engage in any BS religious arguments. It is enough that I rejected their BS. I’m not taking your religious BS should have been enough.

To school students now: If you are physically assaulted by teachers, call the police. Dial 999 and report it.

The headmaster who fked off to be a radio news presenter. I don’t know if he was a religious nutter. I suffered extreme abuse from his deputy Pritchard-Jones who was a religious nutter because he was a religious nutter.

What the headmaster who fked off to be a radio news presenter did was attack me at assembly at my first day of sixth-form. He made clear that day that I was persona non gratis. Without A-levels, of course, you are **virtually** denied the opportunity of attending university and being middle-class. Off you go, you little shit.

slightly later edit: I am concerned that this happens regularly because my nephew has experienced similar treatment i.e. teacher cnuts driving him away from continuing his education.

19/12 Just noticed that I’ve misused the term oxymoron. Live and learn, eh?

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Do you find virginity to be a strange, weird concept?

What about extra-virginity?

Isn’t that weird? How can someone be an extra-virgin?

OK, it describes oil. But how the fuck do you conceive while being virginal?

Oh that’s immaculate conception of course.

I’ll tell you what.

I’ve met a few big virgins.

Also, can we take Virgin out?

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