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Ok, accepted that I should get back to politics, etc and I apologise that I’m wingeing about my own concerns.

I’m glad that these old school GPs are dying off and retiring because they’re cnutx.

I went to see a GP for a serious issue. I was highly motivated to have somone attend to me and that’s when they take advantage. Cnuts.

So, taking advantage of my need for medical help I get hypnotised without consent but there’s more. That cnut is of course having no concerns for my right to a personal life.

So this cnut hypnotises me and then videos me about efents that happened 25 or 30 years earlier. Then she claims that I’m dangerous on the basis of that bullshit. She’s trying to get me sectioned. She’s making fantastically serous accusations against me that I am not supposed to even or ever be aware of.

An uncensored copy of my medical records would be gratefully received. Forename and surname is ok, rest is wrong. Courier is recommended. Thanks.

28/05/18 This is why I’ve suffered abuse from that doctor. It was 36 days after I published that post which is highly critical of my GPs. “I would say that GPs at my practice have ignorantly gambled with my life.” [Actually that’s a little later addendum]

Later: The truth hurts.

Later: I was hypnotized by Dr. Bitchly becuse she needed me to say that I still had C.Diff and she could then put it in my record. Some of these cnuts adore and worship anti-biotics. It explains why she was so hostile and abusive. She’s also described me fantastically seriously in my medical notes – as a danger to a vulnerable group (children or women) so that it can be shared more widely. [NB I’ve not seen this in my notes. It’s the conclusion to be drawn from people wanting to have nothing to do with me. You need to be a danger for it to be shared like that …]. What a sad bitch.

Doctor’s look for evidence that confirms her diagnosis rather than disprove it …

Later: Has she done it to others? Driven people to suicide, had people sectioned and given the chemical kosh?

I do hope the Care Quality Commission reads this

2/6/18 My doctors’ practice has lied to Information Commissioner’s Office, claiming not to have withheld documents. Looks like I’m dealing with a fabulist.

4/6/18 My doctor’s practice appears to treat any letter from me as a complaint. Write to a doctor, it’s a complaint. Ask for copies of documents, it’s a compaint. They’re then able to keep issues out of my medical records and – presumably – refuse to deal with me as vexatious because of the number of complaints. They also refuse to let you see complaints files – contrary to ICO guidance – but tell ICO that they’ve provided everything you’ve asked for.

30/10/19 Everything I’ve tried to bring this sad old bitch to justice has failed.

Dr. Carole Buckley (retired).

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Ken Livingstone, persecuted for the purpose of historical revisionism. Dat history ist verboten.

Anti-Muslim hatred is mainstream.

There are also some other themes. There is disabled people being treated as accused terrorists. The way it works is that there is secret evidence that is never disclosed to the accused terrorist/benefits claimant.

It is the same procedure – secret evidence not to be disclosed to the defendent but can be disclosed to the representative. It’s totally opposed to justice in both cases of course. How the fork can you defend yourself against allegations that you’re never even aware of?

In a democratic society people are entitled to a fair hearing.

Doctors, abuse of consent in the NHS. Absence of objection regarded as consent and the cnuts simply lying – making commitments to get consent which they simply do not honour.

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