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The trouble is that I take it for granted. It’s clear to me, I understand it, the way it works.

There is a small minority in charge – a priveliged elite – who keep it that way. Ignorance is ever so wonderful for them.

later: they do all sorts of manipulation to maintain their control

Ian Bone knows

I am proud to say that I have been on protests with Ian Bone. It’s very unlikely that he will recognise or know who I am. As a Socialist, I have respect for him.

(Just(…) like myself, he is a political activist). Respect.

15/9/18 Ian Bone was in the news recently for shouting at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children. Watching the video of the incident, it is clear that Rees-Mogg, an adult responsible for his children was unconcerned and made no effort to get them away. It’s also clear that Bone is addressing the children to make his points. Privileged upper-class twats should be aware that they are hated (the adults I mean).



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