Coming soon :: How to campaign in a general election

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I’m expecting a general election soon. BJ has spaffed up a Brexit mess that is certain to be refused by everyone.

In theory in UK we exist in a participatory democracy. I say in theory because in reality rich vested interests dominate. The rich are powerful through their wealth and influence.

Participatory democracy depends on people to participate. It’s a very long since I’ve campaigned in a general election. Oh, come to think of it … Anyway, I’m hoping to bring you a rough guide on how to campaign in a general election soon. It’s not strictly necessary to be associated with a political party to participate in general election campaigning. You could for example want to campaign for a candidate that appreciates the climate crisis. [ed: or against a candidate that doesn’t]

I’d better update my rough guide.

ed: Problems were encountered posting this post. Thanks to my hosting service.

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