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This is the third post in a series of three. The previous two posts have disappeared although of course nothing disappears on the web. Actually, that’s simply not true and plenty disappears from the web.

Aleister Crowley was a prolific author and is widely recognised as a huge influence on contemporary Occultism. Amoung his very last works before his death is his Liber Aleph vel CXI: The book of wisdom or folly. It is written as an epistle to his son.

I’ve been looking for an image of Crowley that I remember but can’t find. It’s a drawn self-portrait of his full figure with a mark like an inverted Y on his forehead.

Crowley is dealing with numbers because there is the belief that at the core of everything is numbers, that the natural order of the World is formed by numbers.

An Aleph – being the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet – has the value one. It also has the value 111 since the spelling of the word Aleph sums to 111. It shares the value 111 with – amoung others words, of course – ram. An Aleph also has the value 1000 since Hebrew letters are multiplied by a thousand when written large. It shares the value 1000 with J Y. J has the value 600 which it shares with Mem-final while Y has the value 400 which it shares with Taw, the mark or cross.

A ram is interesting since many believe that it is a ram rather than a goat…

Talking of the Ram, I remember years ago – it must have been in early 2003 I was on the centre demonstrating against the proposed Iraq war when Bristol University’s Rag parade went past. At the end of the parade were military vehicle enthusiasts flying USUK flags. We stopped the vehicles briefly on the centre and then I preceeded them up towards the Ram on Park Street with an anti-war banner reading “NOT IN MY NAME”.

I have a good memory.

10/1/11 later edit: I don’t mean to perplex ;) If you are aware what incident I’m alluding to, it’s worthwhile continuing this analysis using Sepher Sephiroth and the revised SS and pursuing factorisation. The we is very important. The date is important.

I have a good memory for events e.g. in 2006.

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