A note on commenting policy

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I had hoped to allow the vast majority of comments to this blog. Comments are monitored to avoid links to malware like I experienced at the previous blog host.

I’ve discovered, however, that there are now many automated comment bots attemting to post inane comments in order to promote products. It is clear that these bots are automated because their operators have not even changed the default comment phrase.

There are also human bods that try to promote their products. I am not too keen on promoting commercial enterprises but if it’s small and ethical… There is one persistent commenter trying to promote surveillence cameras. There is no way I am going to promote or endorse very sophisticated surveillance cameras.

It would appear that the policy is no commercial endorsements and promotion except for ethical enterprises, no bots and some relevence. Commentators are not expected to agree and I have allowed the one dissenting comment that I’ve recieved.

On a different topic, I should really get round to finishing looking at Cameron’s Multiculture speech.

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