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Conservative election poster 2010

A few recent news articles concerning the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat coalition government – the ConDem’s – brutal attack on the National Health Service.

Cuts put pregnant women’s lives at risk / Britain / Home – Morning Star

Health campaigners warned today that thousands of job cuts at NHS trusts could lead to more women dying of infections contracted during pregnancy.

A record number of pregnant women are contracting group A streptococcal disease (GAS), according to research by experts at the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE).

GAS develops into the so-called “flesh-eating bug” where bacteria penetrates deep into the skin or bloodstream. It is commonly found on the skin and inside the throat and in less serious cases causes minor skin infections.

But pregnant women and those who have just delivered are particularly at risk from a more serious type that is potentially fatal.

The centre issued a warning to health workers to be alert to signs of GAS after a steady increase in the number of pregnant women dying from it.

Plea to save heart unit – Local – Wakefield Express

A MUM whose little girl suffers from congenital heart disease fears she may be forced to travel hundreds of miles for treatment because of NHS cuts.

Susan Bastow’s nine-year-old daughter Ebony Fisher goes for check-ups to the children’s heart Surgery unit at Leeds General Infirmary every six months.

But the unit is at risk of closure due to the NHS Safe and Sustainable review.

Unions to launch joint NHS campaign – Frontline magazine – News and analysis – Members – The CSP

The CSP is linking up with other health unions to lobby over the Health and Social Care Bill as it makes its passage through parliament.

‘The CSP has grave concerns about the scope and speed of the structural changes proposed in the bill,’ says Lesley Mercer, director of Employment Relations and Union Services.

The society believes they present a major risk to the quality of patient care and the future of the NHS, resulting in increased costs, fragmented care and an unacceptable postcode lottery of services across the country.

There is no evidence base to back the proposed changes, which will be costly to implement and will divert attention away from finding the unprecedented £20 billion of efficiency savings that the NHS has to deliver by 2015, the society believes.

Tories try to sell off blood service|5Mar11|Socialist Worker

BBC News – Meeting over Oxford children’s heart surgery plan

Pulse – GPs have ‘no confidence’ in Andrew Lansley

Consultant tells of Stafford Hospital A&E understaffing « Express & Star

Two top doctors who organised treatment for the UK’s sickest swine flu patients this winter are fighting for the survival of their own heart centre.

Pulse – Private firms and GP consortia team up in profit-sharing schemes

Government ‘paving way for London casualty units to shut’ | News

Private company in talks with GPs to profit from patient spending savings | Public Leaders Network | guardian.co.uk

Pulse – GPs ‘not in the driving seat’ for NHS reforms, GPC warns

NHS reform could see GP surgeries on stock market | Society | The Guardian

Leaked document shows how doctors can profit from NHS reform – Channel 4 News

Fears for future of hospice £1m funding (From The Bolton News)

MOTHERS are pleading with NHS bosses to save the children’s heart unit which helped keep their sons and daughters alive.

NHS continues to pay for PFI | Healthcare Network | Guardian Professional

YourLeekPaper | News | MP hits back following NHS job loss shock

NHS Reforms May Endanger Patient Confidentiality, BMA Warns – Hospital Management

Pulse – List-cleansing drive ‘to wipe off 40% of patients’

SINCE 2001, the number of births in England has risen by 100,000 to over 706,000, the highest in 25 years.

NHS surgeon: the reality of ‘choice’ could hit healthcare – Channel 4 News

Pulse – Private firms and GP consortia team up in profit-sharing schemes

Unions hit out at NHS proposals (From Your Local Guardian)

UNISON Press | Press Releases Front Page

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