The Con-Dems NHS attack

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Image of David 'Pinoccio' Cameron and Nick Clegg. Image is originally from the UK's Mirror newspaper. Looks like Bliar doesn't he? Cameron seems to be apingning/copying Bliar's public image ~ speeches aligning himslf with Bliar ... and of course ... who Bliar aligned with ...The UK Conservative and Liberal-Democrat coalition government – the Con-Dems – intend to destroy the UK’s National Health Service. This is in direct contradiction to Prime Minister David Cameron’s election pledge “I’ll cut the defecit, not the NHS”.

Conservative election poster 2010

The Con-Dem spin machine are very fond of the phrase “doing nothing is not an option”. It’s absolute bullshit and doing nothing is not an option only to opponents of the NHS. The partially devolved governments of Scotland and Wales have decided to support and improve the NHS in its current form.

The Con-Dems also insulted opponents to NHS abolition by saying that they should “grow up”. In the same vein, the considered response is “Keep your fucking hands off our NHS you greedy, evil, lying bastards”.

The Con-Dems attack on the NHS is ideologically driven. Cameron’s thesis of the “Big Society” is nothing less than a return to the Victorian era whereby there is scant private and charitable provision combined with no public accountability. Please, sir, I want some more.

It is reckless and irresponsible to subject poor peoples’ health to the whims of market forces – the very market forces that brought about the current economic crisis.

Nick ‘Tory with a poor memory’ Clegg and the Liberal-Democrats are rightly held responsible for the demolition of the National Health Service – the population recognise that it could not be done without them. The Liberal-Democrats achieved sixth position after the BNP and an independent at the recent Barnsley Central by-election – their credibility has been decimated.


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