If I was born rich …

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If I was born rich

I would have no idea

I would be rich

and would never be poor


I would never be homeless

or hungry and searching for food


It wasn’t me

who was crying

in Lidl


she couldn’t by food


[Yes I know someone who was crying in Lidl because she could’t afford food]

not even a packet of spagettti

[edit: I wasn’t there at the time. A packet of spagetti cost 20p or so perhaps 17p then. The checkout worker paid or made it up for her.)


I’ve been homeless

and lived in a van

Why should I do that?

Actually why should I have to be forced to do that for these rich cnuts?


To be poor, to have nothing …

The rich shits can never understand that

Teach them a lesson?

Yes, that’s what I said


These rich shits fall into jobs.  They absolutely have no idea

Let’s go then. No comprehension, no understanding. I fucking hate it that people are starving.

More than that: It is obscene that these bastards


denying poor people

medicine and health care

C’mon isn’t it clear?

No top-down reorganisation Cameron said. Well he said that

Clegg – let’s pretend not be a Conservative

what are you if not totally lying cnuts?

I’ve got it – You’re gentlemen.

That means that you’re deluded but still lying cnuts.

later: For my widespread or international audience: There is a tradition in English public (private) schools. There is a saying or idiom or precept or something “a gentleman can never lie”. What happens is that public (private) schoolboys – and of course later adults – do not realise that their perception has no relation to reality.

… they are taught to believe in themselves regardless of reality

… and I suggest that probably explains a great deal / a lot / your lot

They’ve been taught that they can lever (never) lie. Does that mean that whatever they say is true? Looks like.  F just F

Big F


This is weird. Gentlemen can’t lie? Wow. Can’t they still be hung for it?

Hung, drawn and quartered? Fricassed?

chopped into little bits and sautted?

fed to the pigs?

burned on a cross (he’d enjoy that)?

can we keep him in a pen somewhere and piss and shit on him?

it’s better than he deserves

I want to give you more:  I’ve found more. love you :

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Oh hold on a second …

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is this where I

(kick ass) ?#

edit: there’s slightly less than a month to go.

Is it fun?

Looks like we shouldn’t take it that seriously.

I’ve gambled on it.

I want a boat.#

ed: I did get 3/1 now I’m getting 11/4

ed ed: 11/4 is good. I hope to buy a nice boat

What a shit is

that pretend Liberal




stated that he didnt


a National Health Service

well he said that in national pa

it is in papers


& orange ‘blue’ book


ed: He s more of a Tory than the Tories

ed: There is an issue here

If I am engaging in the political process – as I obviously am – I am sorry but I am a democrat and by definition not a terrorist.

If I campaign for votes in a democratic election, how can I not respect elections?


ed: The big serious issue here is that I have been regarded by police as a suspected terrorist. More pay attention.


The police – particularly The Met Pol under Bliar’s butler (although in truth it was a decade or more before then) declared that I was a potential terrorist.

If you can appreciate this, then you will be able to appreciate that it’s all bullshit.

I do. I recognise it as all total bullshit.


I was never educated in a private (public)  school to be a shit.

But I most certainly recognise it as total nonsense.

I fucking hate these bastards who think that they are so superior. Why? Because they are born rich?

I’d better point out to these ” that are born rich that you are not superior. Please understand that (and there may well be more to follow)


please see next post

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Clegg claims …

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… to be not associated


Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan

or Cyril Smith

Smith the Man-RAP

Cyril Smith

who will he claim not to be associated nixt?


[I want it to be absolutely clear that is historical and absolutely not current]


edit: I am pulling attention to Clegg’s past associations. I do not intend to and I consider it unfair to extrapolate to his current associations.#

Further edit: In this context.

Further further edit: This post is about Nick Clegg being associated with Leon Brittan. Nick Clegg worked in Leon Brittan’s office. Nick Clegg has always been a Tory and was a member of Cambridge University Conservative Association.

Nick Clegg Leon Brittan

search now – it will probably change


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And I’m thinking

Well thank you very much

Now I’ll carry on with my life




I mean

I was a political blogger

that’s what I was about


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