Oh hold on a second …

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is this where I

(kick ass) ?#

edit: there’s slightly less than a month to go.

Is it fun?

Looks like we shouldn’t take it that seriously.

I’ve gambled on it.

I want a boat.#

ed: I did get 3/1 now I’m getting 11/4

ed ed: 11/4 is good. I hope to buy a nice boat

What a shit is

that pretend Liberal




stated that he didnt


a National Health Service

well he said that in national pa

it is in papers


& orange ‘blue’ book


ed: He s more of a Tory than the Tories

ed: There is an issue here

If I am engaging in the political process – as I obviously am – I am sorry but I am a democrat and by definition not a terrorist.

If I campaign for votes in a democratic election, how can I not respect elections?


ed: The big serious issue here is that I have been regarded by police as a suspected terrorist. More pay attention.


The police – particularly The Met Pol under Bliar’s butler (although in truth it was a decade or more before then) declared that I was a potential terrorist.

If you can appreciate this, then you will be able to appreciate that it’s all bullshit.

I do. I recognise it as all total bullshit.


I was never educated in a private (public)  school to be a shit.

But I most certainly recognise it as total nonsense.

I fucking hate these bastards who think that they are so superior. Why? Because they are born rich?

I’d better point out to these ” that are born rich that you are not superior. Please understand that (and there may well be more to follow)


please see next post

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