NHS news review: Interview with Colin Leys ‘The Plot Against the NHS’

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The plot against the NHS
The plot against the NHS

There are three articles on ‘The Plot Against the NHS’ today:

The Plot Against The NHS / Non-Fiction / Books / Culture / Home – Morning Star

‘The Plot Against NHS’: Essential reading for battles ahead|28May11|Socialist Worker

Resisting plot against NHS|28May11|Socialist Worker

The NHS is under serious attack from the Tories and faces rampant privatisation. Colin Leys, co-author of a new book on the NHS, spoke to Yuri Prasad about what the cuts mean—and how this is the logical conclusion of policies pursued by New Labour

Many say that if the government’s health and social care bill were passed in its present form it would mean the end of the NHS as we know it. Does that overstate the threat?

Colin Leys I don’t think it overstates the threat at all. The bill removes the secretary of state’s responsibility to provide a national health service and doesn’t assign it to anyone else. She or he would only be charged with “promoting” it.


Selected excerpts from ‘The Plot Against the NHS’ by Colin Leys and Stewart Player. Chapter One is available here. I highly recommend this book available from Merlin Press for £10.

The Plot Against the NHS #1

The Plot Against the NHS #2


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