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The NHS listening exercise draws to a close. The BBC reports that “15,000 website responses and 720 letters” were recieved while 38Degrees report that their supporters sent 25,000 emails.

The submission by the King’s Fund claims that accountability will decrease under the proposed ‘reforms’, contrary to the aims of the coalition agreement.

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A few recent news articles concerning the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat coalition government – the ConDem’s – brutal attack on the National Health Service.

BBC News – NHS ‘listening exercise’ draws to close

Health officials say they have received around 15,000 website responses and 720 letters during their “listening exercise” on the NHS in England.

The Future Forum panel of health workers and patient groups is overseeing the exercise, which ends on Tuesday.

It is due to report its recommendations in mid June.

38 Degrees | Blog | NHS petition hand-in to the Department of Health

Yesterday marked the end of Andrew Lansley’s sham “listening exercise”.

Over the last few days over 25,000 38 Degrees members have emailed in their concerns to the “listening exercise”. Yesterday 38 Degrees members gave in our massive Save the NHS petition. Check out the photographers and film crews who were capturing the hand-in. The Department of Health even locked all the doors! A few members managed to hand over the petition, but it took a little while.

Planned GP consortia could lead to chaos – and top-down diktats – Health News, Health & Families – The Independent

The modernisation of the NHS is in danger of being put into reverse by the Coalition government’s plans for reform, a leading think-tank warns today.

Weaknesses in the governance arrangements for GP consortia, which will be responsible for £60 billion of public money, risk undermining ministers’ aims of reducing top-down management by leaving the NHS Commissioning Board to intervene where there are concerns over performance, the Kings Fund, the health policy think- tank, says. Scaling back the role of the regulator, Monitor, in overseeing NHS Foundation Trusts could also lead to “reductions in the quality and efficiency of hospital services”, it adds.

The submission is among the last of a flood of responses during the Government’s two-month pause on the NHS reforms, which came to an end yesterday. Many of the opinions expressed make contradictory demands, leaving the NHS Future Forum, set up to advise the Coalition government on the way forward, facing a formidable task.

Calls to ditch the Health and Social Care Bill have grown as the prospects of consensus have receded. Critics argue that any Bill that emerged from the inevitable bartering now underway would be so bound by conflicting requirements as to be unworkable.

Health Reforms Will Weaken NHS Accountability Warns The King’s Fund, UK

A new report from The King’s Fund warns that the coalition government’s reforms risk reducing accountability in the health system, potentially undermining the performance of key NHS organisations as a result.

The report looks at accountability for commissioners and providers of health care in the NHS currently and under the reforms set out in the Health and Social Care Bill. It concludes that the reforms are likely to meet the government’s aim of reducing centralised control but fail to deliver on its commitment to improve local accountability, a key pledge in the coalition agreement.


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