I used to know that the car was bugged by the police …

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… because it was as if I was talking to them.

The car was bugged on it’s first service. The first service is nothing – just change the oil. We waited for hours for the car to be returned. WTF is the car for so many hours just getting the oil changed? I noticed.

It’s obvious the car was bugged – because they behave according to what you say. It’s in one direction because I don’t have police cars bugged.

I’m not new to this – my phone was always bugged when I was growing up. This is years ago when there was a recognition of privacy. There’s still a recognition of privacy now unless you don’t mind everyone watching you skudd. What have you got to hide? FM …

21/5/13 2.10am I’m unsure whether it’s still used and I don’t think that there is so much interest in me now which I’m pleased with. Interception orders get renewed and have to be signed by people like home secretaries or Met Police bosses.


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