If you’re going to be a politician (except of course you are already a politician) …

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please be an awfully remarkable politician.

Don’t be one of those he was a this or that politician, he did this

Please be an absolutely notable politician that achieved worthwhile goals

Please go for peace and getting rid of ridiculous weapons.

Please do it.

later edit:

All this terrrism nonsense aqart from anything else is so expensive and counter-produtive. I am here suggesting that alt.states have nothing to do with the mythical terrrorism discourse and instead just get on with being a state.

later again edit: The point is that most national intelligence agencies accept totally that 911 was done by US agencies and that it’s ridiculous to reach any other conclusion. It doesn’t have to be proved – it’s just that any other explanation is so ridiculous.

I have shown that the official explanation for the 7 July 2005 events is hugely ridiculous. I suggest that it’s very dangerous to rely on such official bullshit (which is actually not regarded as credible by so many people).

later edit: OK I accept that London 7 July bullshit is more accepted that 911 bullshit … but it’s only a matter of time.

Then there’s that state execution of Jean Charles de Menezes


(not even a murder by UK)

edit: like the bus was not UKians. Some nation does bus bombings really well .

i.e. I am saying murdered by other than UKians

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