It’s nice to have secrets …

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It’s nice to have secrets, isn’t it?

I used to have the secret that I was growing dope in my attick (how is attick spelled?).

It wasn’t actually much of a secret actually because I’m sure that the police knew. I was growing really good dope at that time – White Rhino – stuff like that for my girlfriend at the time who was suffering huge pain from accidents sustained through her work. Looks like the truth game ;)

Back to the plot. White Rhino was the medicinal one at the time.

Of course, I used Hydrogen Pyroxide. Hydrogen Pyroxide was used in hydroponic home-grown gardening.

It’s absolute bullshit that it can be used in making bombs. That was done for me. I am saying that this absolute bullshit about liquid bombs is exactly that. Absolute bullshit.

Home-grown terrorists? C’mon think of it. They’re targeting people who are only growing a bit of dope. Home-grown terrorists. Home-grown


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