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There’s been a lot of talk about British values recently in political circles.

I am very proud to be Welsh and of Welsh culture, tradition and history. I also identify with a Celtic identity. I very much like living in Bristol which is great. I do not consider that by being Welsh that I am in any way better or superior to anyone else or to anyone of any other nationality or identity. I’ve said – probably repeatedly – that I respect all.

It may have been said in different terms. Isn’t that British values? Shall I clarify? It’s not nationality or belief system …  Actually I have to refine it much more than that … I am not prejudiced according to nationality or belief system but perhaps allow people to show themselves to be nasty.

To return to the idea of British values. I would hope that the concept of British values would include the idea of coming to the aid of those unfairly persecuted, of gross injustices, to oppose – previous – corrupt governments, etc. Doesn’t the concept of British values include standing up to and holding corruption – whatever the scale – to account?

Edit: Shouldn’t we try to get it out of the way now?

Later Edit: Probably should have said more about the democratic right of criticising politicians especially since I was so good and spot on about it.



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