TBC: I should write about cryptography …

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TBC: I should write about cryptography …


I should write about crap stenography because the point of steganography is that it’s supposed to be hidden and secret.

Crap steganography is totally different. You shouldn’t really be able to do a web search and find the key …

But you can do it because that’s what I did. Crap steganography is supposedly secret but not

Steganography is about not even realising that there is a hidden message. Nobody is supposed to notice that a hidden message is being passed.

For example, your local friendly drug dealer could close her curtain a certain extent or leave a light on or off. You being the recipient of the message would realise what a certain curtain position or light on or off would mean. That’s what steganography is about: a secret message where nobody even realises there is a message.

Oh dear, looks like I’ve woked them up again ;) Well you shouldn’t have been so crap.

Well anyway, if you’re doing hidden messages it shouldn’t be available to anyone who does a search on the internet …

because that’s very crap

The best secret codes are one-time pads. These are a secret code agreed between the sender and receiver for once only. The problem here is that the once-only code has to be known to sender and receiver.

This is totally different to a nonsense code that is used by a certain class or secretive society to promote a particular ideology and widely published –  and therefore decipherable. It must have been widely known for decades. The code exposes so much. Windy city lottery for example.

It exposes how absolutely corrupt and debased the ruling elite is and how absolutely depraved and amoral they are.

Once you recognise and understand their not at all secret code you are suddenly very wise and knowledgable.

[3/1/14 Reflecting on this, my analysis was always consistently correct and spot-on. This aspect was only confirmation and my analysis was correct before then.

I’ve lost my way over the last few years and the last year particularly. I’m better that than that and here.

1/1/14 edit: Steganography is about not even realising there is a hidden message. When – btw paedo – politicians make so ridiculous phrases …

It is totally obvious that they mean something other than their crap

That’s what got me on to it

Once again I reiterate that I have not taken any vows (and will never)

[1/1/14 Apologies. Im trying to explain that these politicians used so ridiculously contrived phrases that it was obvious that they meant something totally different to the normal understanding. The point is that it was so contrived and out of place. It struck me as weird. Politicians were talking weird shit and I noticed. It was obvious that they were meaning something totally different than the words.

I knew that they were talking in code. Because what they were saying was so ridiculous and so contrived. The point about Steganography is that it’s supposed to be a hidden message. If you make ridiculous statements that obviously have a different meaning then it is not hidden.

later: Ridiculous out of place phrases. You think are these politicians insane? Are they mad? They are mad and totally divorced from reality but there’s more to it …

Did  they

I’m trying to find it.

It seems to me that they were desperate and announced their secret code

Didn’t the butler try to make it so clear?

OK Let’s get some context

Crap politician members of a secretive society (SS)

Were sponsored by SS nomination

Was a twat with twat advisor (Mandy and AC)

Carried on …


It:s so clear that he was sponsored by … Well search for yourselves

Was there more than that sponsorship / nomination? Was it from a foreign country? US / ISR ? Should that be IRL?

The rules are the game are changing

reports of my demise are exaggearted

Just FO


I cast a curse on the two Blairs

It is powerful because it is deserved. It is just.

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