Hey, you people in the states don’t even know what Socialism is

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So I had better explain it as well as I can

Basically, there is the system that you live under which is all about money. That’s the Capitalist system.

You have rich people who are fantastically, ridiculously, outrageously rich. That’s Capitalism. They have loads of money for some reason they think that they deserve. They claim that they earned it but really their families are fantastically rich. What happens is that rich families are rich and the police and everyone else that protect that richness. Everything is about rich people and nothing else matters. That’s the society you live in.

Then there are poorer people. Nobody cares about them cos they’re not rich. Nobody cares for you. You’re poor.

Oh, I was supposed to mention Socialism. Socialism doesn’t really exist nowadays. The UK Labour Party are Neo_Liberal scum, (but) there is a Socialist Party

Socialists care about those people who are not fantastically rich. They care about normal people who need housing, medical care and benefits. That’s what Socialists are about.

To be continued. I’ll elaborate on this

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