All of you are welcome to a barbie at mine Mayday bank holiday 5 May

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Loks like I may be the god of wine – it’s the Cabarnet Savinion Devil’s Castle.

oh FI just decide it you want to

It wasn’t me who killed JCdM. Haven’t you got it by now?

JCdM was killed by the same people that did the earlier total nonsense

JCdM was killed to make UK believe in suicide terrorists. He was killed so people would believe that there are terrorists in UK && also to move the media focus from the 77 events.


But the point is that Jean Charles de Menezes was killed because of his name, because he points to somebody else & you can find that other person through the masoncode.

First 20 or 40 people get a bottle of wine, please bring glasses or similar containers or we will have to improvise.

First thing is – where is Brizzle?

Jean Charles de Menezes (de Menezes is the surname) ((JCdM)) 17:00: JCd


Then there is/are online gematria calculator – get a grip.

16.55: A gematria reference

There were two bakers in a street close to me until a few years ago – you’ll have to ask. You could try asking while you’re buying **cake**.

streetview helps, streetview gives you the last bit or look for a barbie

I’ll have a barbie (weather permitting)

and everyone else is welcome to join me

later: bands welcome, let’s have a parti barbecue

everyone’s welcome

12 – noon – start. Only people who wanna do magick do magick. C’mon

OK, I want you to come to the barbecue party. If you can’t make it, please place a bet at Ladbrookes Lib Dems not going to get any (zero) seats at the European Election and post the slip to me. That will buy me a boat.

Nah, 5 May barbie

but I do think that it will buy me a boat – a proper one to go round the world and that

I’m sorry that I’m getting distracted here – barbecue at mine MyDay Bank holiday on Monday.I want everyone to come although you have to werk it out

Barbie,  C’mon

I’m negotiating and paying for the wine tomorrow. I do hope that you’re coming.

ed: I’ll get the wine in. Barbecue’s still on

I’ve heard a rumour that Cameron’s coming. He’ll have to come early cos  othrwise I wont even rcgnise im

30/4/14 Wow   bottle of wine   still offered. 40 not 20. seems very apt.

:7/5/14 I apologise that I may not have done that very well but I did manage to sort the shed out. There was a very late barbie. Looks like I’m not teh g of bs?

Anyway, please feel welcome to approach and be friendly.

Is that ok?

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