Researching Blair back in 2006/7 and coming across paedo all the time

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and I was doubting where my research was taking me

I was developing hypotheses … supplying boys … supplying drugs

Everything about Him was that the shop was open

I was doubting myself ~ why was I coming to paedo, why was it paedo all the time?

Why was any theory or avenue I was researching coming up paedo?

My working hypothesis now is that paedos engage in politics and the judiciary, that their paedoness is their incentive to attain high office beyond the reach of the law.

There is a subsidiary hypothesis that they are identified as paedos and then owned .

It certainly appears that privileged paedos were able to quite literally shaft the working class with immunity. I’m starting to think that was important for them.

It obviously didn’t stop with the Thatcher government because there’s a Blair minister. ed: with Thatcher it looks deliberate that there were so many. I’m not sure if Blair’s government was different.

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