Back to Basics: I am an anti-Capitalist and an Environmentalist (Green)

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Back to Basics. I admit that this phrase is not original and was a phrase used by a philanderer of at least one manic un.

Anyway, I commit (re-commit?) myself to anti-Cap greenism.

ed: I’m not joining a cult or fack. Goodnight.

edit : FM, I find it very difficult. I don’t want to approve, promote or support any political party since I am supposed to be a political dissident. I have and will be voting for the party that wants rail renationalisation and cares for nature and the environment …

supports public transport …

ok, more. I’ve always voted at every opportunity I’ve had. It’s important. It’s also very important to campaign at election time – because the rest of the time they just totally disregard people (us).

There’s a general election coming in May 2005. If you have issues, get involved in the political process. Groups like 38degrees make a difference. Let your MP know your issues – that is democracy – they are supposed to represent you.

TTIP is a real issue at the moment – it’s about surrendering democracy to commercial interests, so that businesses can sue governments. We have to fight Capitalist shits, Neo-Con **** (I’ve gone for a 4-letter word).

ed: and I have to say as a Socialist I can’t vote for any other party

Hey, I’ll make a difference next election as is now the convention ;~)


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