The GCHQ/OU course

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There’s a GCHQ/OU online course starting soon – Introduction to Cyber Security – about protecting yourselves (and your business) on the net.

It looks like 3 hours a week for for four weeks and it’s free unless you want to be certified ;)

ed: ok Sorry looks like 8 weeks (but only 3 hours a week whenever you can fit it in). [I am very pleased that there are many free courses just recently in the last few (5 or so) years that are allowing people to learn. I appreciate that so much. ]

ed: you do have something like self-determination i.e. you decide for yourself?

; Oh Christ, LoB

ed: What on earth is LoB?

ed: Well you may as well follow this course. It looks like a course to inform people about the risks, it looks like a good course for managers at all levels as well as all computer users. Go on, sign up & see how it goes – it’s a good price.

6.30 I’m going to have to follow it – perhaps GCHQ will tell me how I can keep them out ;)

Despite my best efforts … c’mon …

I try my best but realistically there’s not much chance really, is there?

You know – one person vs. all that

I’ve got a good firewall but I’m one person against …

Think about it. Have I got any chance?

QHCG: Did you get that???

7.40am QHCG. About 12 years ago I managed to negotiate a secret code and transmit a message …

I negotiated it in plain sight under your is …

Yes, I negotiated the code and then sent a message ;)

TBH I have no idea now what it was but I did it … so UYA (in a friendly sorta way  ~  er, can you help getting Blair & co Paedos  nailed please? ;)

Yeah I know that there’s loads of MP and minister paedos. They’re cnuts. They had no regard for those poor unfortunate boys. It’s different for boys that did it voluntary [ed: I suppose it should be actively sought it]. It’s those poor bastards who are forced to do it. That’s not on and they deserve to be held to account as rapists. ed: Young boys cannot of course volunteer. Ed: Most definitely not to be assumed. I’m sorry I started this now.


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